995TS Woodland camo at 55 yards

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    I was a little disappointed in my initial accuracy with my new 995 TS. After many boxes of Winchester white box and getting groups from four to 5 inches at 50 yards I thought maybe I should do some testing. So I set up a control test using for five brands of ammo first off the Winchester white box. You'll see in the picture the group is pretty miserable at about 5 and 6 inches at 50 yards this was bench rest with a Pronghorn 32mm scope set to 5x.
    The next picture shows some Winchester hollow points these are 115 grains I shot two groups of three rounds and the groups are well under 2 inches.

    The final picture shows some Remington hollow point 115 grains and I believe I stack five or six of them up in a vertical line that measures under 2 inches. There were a few flyers in there but that was operator error.

    I found out from this test is it if you want good results you have to use good ammo. My initial plan is to go squirrel and rabbit hunting with my carbine and I need to be able to make some good head shots. ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1448920519.603548.jpg ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1448920544.709256.jpg ImageUploadedByHi-Point Forum1448920556.413534.jpg
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    Not just "good ammo", but ammo that your gun likes.;)

    This is my 995, same scope, mag, same everything at 25 yards standing unsupported, I loaded 5 wolf, and 5 commercial reloads in one mag, and shot dead center POA on all 10. Totally different results, both in POI and in group size.


    Yes, You do. Unless you want squirrel burger with lots of innards mixed in.:p