9mm 115 or 147 JHP?

Discussion in 'Reloading Room' started by MXGreg, Aug 4, 2015.

  1. MXGreg

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    I'm trying to decide between 115JHP and 147JHP for my next round of 9mm reloads. I've done some 115JHPs in the past, they feed good, shoot good, and I already have the load worked out for them. But, I've been doing some research and some people say 147s are better for self defense. Others say a faster 115 is better and 147s are better for use with suppressors because of the slower speeds (my 115 loads do about 1135fps).

    What do you think? Should I go with the 115 or 147?

  2. FlashBang

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    124gr is a good all around bullet choice. For my suppressed 9mm rounds I load 165gr rounds.
    I only load 115gr RN for some old Walther's that really shouldn't run anything heavier in and for use in my Sten MKII since it goes through them quick and they are cheap to buy.


  3. ajole

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    NE Utah
    The faster you get the 147s going, the better they get, until you go too fast and they quit expanding properly...but at some point, you may as well quit screwing around, and use 160 grain .40 cal/10 mm.:p

    I loaded a bunch of 147 XTP, the factory 147 XTP gives around 16 inches of penetration at 900 fps, and expanded well in tests. I feel like that's about right. Assuming some clothing on a target, they should still perform.

    My loads were with Power Pistol, calculated at about 1000 fps, I didn't have a chrony. Unique does it with less powder, and less pressure. The Handloads site was what I used.
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    I like the results I have seen with the 147's. I've done the whole boston butt "test" with my handguns and have slugs I've removed from deer out of a carbine and it suits me fine.
    I will side with penetration over expansion, any day. Personal preference.
    This slug came from a forty or so shot. Hit a vertabrae low in the neck, frontal, expanded, blew the bone apart and was under the slin on the opposite side.

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  5. Rerun

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    Maybe... you should just 'upgun' to a JHP like I did.

    A .45 ACP goes a long way to providing reliable defense over a 'wimpy' 9mm shooting a larger boolit.


  6. GulfCoastGuy

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    I run Magtech First Defence in my .45 CCW and in my 4595 carbine.

    (9mm offering)

    Here's a test vid of the 9mm offering. Expansion is excellent and mass retention is 100%.

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    Vid of the .45 Magtech in gel through 4 layers of denim.

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  9. MXGreg

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    I have a JHP, two 1911s, a 1917 S&W, a 1927 Thompson, and an Olympic Arms K45. Is that "upgun" enough?

    Since I still have a "few" 115JHPs from my last round of reloading 9mm, I think I'm going to try the 147s this time. It's only $5/1000 more in price.

    My last round of reloading .45acp produced these at a cost of 19 cents each(230gr, 885fps):


    And 975 of their brothers. :D

  10. Rerun

    Rerun Supporting Member

    I have to admit that is a pretty good start. :)

    The '27 Thompson is an SMG?

  11. MXGreg

    MXGreg Supporting Member

    No, just a semi. :( It's still a blast to shoot though.
  12. Rerun

    Rerun Supporting Member

    I was in the Navy (1976) the first time I fired a Thompson SMG - twenty round box magazines for eight dollars. I fired it twice - Fun, fun, fun!

    i also fired the M-1 Garand for the first time - scared myself silly the first time the en bloc clip ejected itself - I thought I'd broke the rifle.

    All the 'old timers got quite the laugh out of my antics! :D

    Good times!

  13. MXGreg

    MXGreg Supporting Member

    I got to shoot a full auto Thompson a couple years ago, it was a hoot! Last year it was a S&W M76 (their version of the Swedish K). That thing was so sweet.
  14. Me, too, I agree - it is great fun to shoot one of those on full auto...

  15. undeRGRound

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    I was gonna say 147 gr...
    I have been buying the heck out of the 124 gr WWB "NATO" (1200 fps)
    for shooting pleasure :D Seems like the 147 is rare on shelves, compared
    to the 115 and 124 flavors. And it's usually an SD hollow point round.
  16. MXGreg

    MXGreg Supporting Member

    I now have 1000 Zero brand 147gr JHP boolits for reloading. Going to work up a load using Titegroup.
  17. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    I'd like your recipe when you get it dialed in.
  18. GoesBang

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    Did you use TiteGroup in these too?
  19. missiledefender

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    I reload 147s and 124s. I like the 147s for accuracy and winter clothing. 115s are more light clothing, "summer" ammo. 124 /135 is a good all year round ammo choice.
  20. MXGreg

    MXGreg Supporting Member

    No, the .45s get Power Pistol. I've done .45acp with Titegroup, but that was a few years ago when you used what you could find.