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    Was just at my LGS and found good prices on ammo and noticed these (2) mfgs , how good is augila 124 grain 9mm FMJ . Also found some sellier belot 115 grain 9mm FMJ
  2. I never heard anything bad about them

    I like my s&b it's brass cased boxer primed and usually cheaper. I think they are also a little hotter

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    S&B is very good stuff, in my experience.

    Aguila is rumored to be made at an old Remington plant in Mexico, they made a wide range of subsonic .22 ammo, but it wasn't match quality at all.

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    Thanks !!

    Read online reviews of augila and stating swelling or stuck casings and having to forcibly remove from the chamber

    i forgot to mention they also had TMR 115 grain TMJ ammo ,never heard of that brand either !!!
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    Both are imports and are well known in the .32ACP arena, particularly to Kel Tec P32 owners and to euro made .32ACP chambered handgun owners (such as those who own the CZ50/CZ70).

    S&B is generally quality ammo. In .32ACP it tends to be loaded hotter than U.S. produced .32ACP. S&B is one of the preferred brands for .32ACP FMJ ammo among P32 owners. I've experience with both their .32ACP and their 9x18 Makarov ammo. Both were high quality.

    Augila is usually decent ammo. I've never had, nor heard of, any problems with it though, again, I've only had experience with the .32ACP offerings. In the .32ACP, it is generally a little less hot than the euro imports but hotter than U.S. made FMJ ammo (excepting cottage makers like Buffalo Bore or Reeds). P32 owners seem prefer it over U.S. made .32ACP ammo as a general rule.

    Again, I have only had experience with these manufacturer's products in something other than 9x19 Luger/Parabellum, but I've been satisfied with what I've shot and would expect the same in any other caliber they produced.

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    looking at a chart looks like Augila is 351lbs muzzle energy and muzzle velocity is 1126 FPS
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    Aguila is decent stuff, S & B is better.
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    I've found S&B entirely reliable in .32acp, 9mm, and .45acp and shot plenty of them. I'm happy to grab some when a decent price comes along. I've shot a couple thousand rounds of Aguila 9mm in 115 and 124 without a problem.

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    well i finally got (2) 50rd boxes of Augila yesterday from my LGS and will be curious on how my groupings will be in both my 995TS and my S&W SD9VE . Can't wait to see how this 124 grain bullet will work especially out to 75-100yrds
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    I've shot both brands thru my SCCY CPX with no issues.