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need to know for the C9...what luck have you had with Remington UMC 115 gr FMJ and Remington Sure Shot 115gr FMJ ?

locally I can get bulk pack of the UMC for $56.99 for 250 rounds


the Rem Sure Shot for $24.99 for 100 rounds

since I've never shot either of the rounds through my C9, I did not want to buy this quantity and then be stuck with 250 rounds that produced feed problems

by the way I have never heard of the 9mm sure shot ammo before; any one else heard of it ? I've only seen it sold at Academy ? I looked on the Remington website and could not find the Sure Shot ammo in handgun rounds like the 9mm

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My C9 loves both the Blazer Brass and Remington UMC.

I've found out that Academy is big on OEM versions of ammo that only they have, such as the Monarch I buy for my .380

My "guess" is that the ammo you described is identical. Academy makes an additional +/- $20 for the same amount of ammo because it's privately branded "Sure Shot". WalMart does the same thing with computers, TV's etc.

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