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9mm brass for compressed loads

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Are there specific brass made for compressed loads? On Starlines site, the only difference in regular and +P brass for 9mm is the headstamp. I was wondering if this goes for all brass. Also, has anyone loaded +P in once fired brass. I didn't know if this was a bad idea. I would think if the brass is only once fired from a light load it would be ok, but I am no expert which is why I am asking.
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i dont load much ammo in the +P pressure range, but if i do it either new or once fired and thats it. i dont feel comforatble loading that kind of pressure in old brass. as for compressed loads in 9mm, i avoid them if at all possible. that extra couple hundred FPS isnt worth the pounding you and your gun take IMO.

I do not load to +P pressure with used brass. I most I will load used brass is 90% of max for the cartridge. Even then I have split a few cases.
Loading higher chamber pressures will shorten your brass life. You won't get as many reloads out of them before you start seeing split cases. I wouldn't want to load that hot. Be careful, work them up slowly and let us know how it works for you.
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