9mm Brown Bear 115gr FMJ, in 1440 round sealed tin.

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  1. Thayldt21

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    Just curiouse about this stuff.

    Any one heard anyhting about it??

    I am considering buyig

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    9mm Brown Bear 115gr FMJ, in 1440 round sealed tin.



    This is 9mm Brown Bear Mil-Spec 115gr FMJ ammo in a sealed metal tin. Each tin holds 1440 rounds and contains 36, 40rd boxes. Non-corrosive, steel case.

    runs 199.01

    The cat is die ing.
  2. I have used Brown Bear in my SKS and Makarov 9x18, never had any reliability issues with it in either gun. The x39 ammo in my SKS was not as accurate as Wolf, but in the Makarov it was as accurate as any other steel cased import Russian ammo.

  3. Have shot it. Pretty much your run of the mill cheap ammo really. I still prefer Winchester White Box as you get the price you see in bulk buys, but can buy as little or as much as you want right there at walmart.
  4. Thayldt21

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    After doing some rough math I am convinced that the savings After shipping is not enough to sway me into the purchase.

    I can spend 200 $ and come out with just over a 1000rds of WWB. Granted it is 400+ rds short of the order I know It will funtion.

    Also I currently own 2 9mm. Thus a mass purchase of this scale all at once is not economical. An extra 100 count a month will do me just fine.
  5. You also have to factor in that the steel cased ammo isn't reloadable and the WWB brass is, and will last you a lot longer if you reload your own.
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    besides the reloading factor is the fact some guns simply will not eat steel cased ammo. ive had over a dozen different HP pistols over the years and at least three of them would not reliably chamber and eject steel cased ammo no matter what i did to them. Buy a few boxes and test before you buy in quantity.