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    My Hi-Point C-9 will stove pipe or failure to feed fairly often. Winchester ammo is the most common failure. Remington and American Eagle fire the best . I keep the gun clean . If I return the C-9 to Hi-Point for a check up do I have to ship or go thru a Federal Firearms Dealer ? thanks for any help . john
  2. Either or, but usually going through the FFL is cheaper. I shipped my Glock back for $20.00. I believe UPS charges a $35 firearms fee, plus shipping.

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    If you call Hi Point they will tell you just to send it in using USPS Priority mail and mark the box 'machined parts'. I did this when I sent my C-9 back to hi point. It cost me $11.58.

    Just be sure to keep your mouth shut about what's in the box when you are at the post office. Lol.
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    This is horrible advice!
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    Only FFL holders can ship FFL items. Go to one you trust, and have them ship it for you. They will probably charge a fee, but it's better to pay that than to get hemmed up trying to illegally ship it at the Post Office.
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    I would follow the law on this one. If that box were to open up during shipment, those "machined parts" might raise some eyebrows. Just saying.
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    Went to three different gun shops about sending my c9 back, two wouldn't do it, one would, but all three said to just mail it back myself.
    USPS, labeled as machined parts.
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    Its pretty common but wrong.
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    Yeah, didn't seem right to me.
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    I am beyond amazed that the gun shop employees would tell you that. That is simply irresponsible, and if they are telling you to do that, I wonder how else they are playing fast and loose with the laws.

    Most FFL holders I've run across over thd years are by-the-book so that they don't lose their licenses. That's their livelihood, afterall.
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    You can go through a ffl dealer or you can do like every body els does. Take the gun apart put it in a box marked machined parts . It's perfectly legal the gun apart is machined parts. Hi point tells you how to do this so you can send it back to them. If it wasn't legal do you think they would be telling you to do this. Just listen to mom on how to ship and save some money.