9mm carbine ammo for coyote at 75 yards

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by HPlover, Oct 14, 2020.

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    Not in its natural terrain if it’s standing still you can’t.
    As far as 9mm is concerned you’re looking at a 1.5-2 inch drop at 100 yards of your muzzle velocity is 1300fps with 300 ft-lbs remaining.
    6 inch drop and 200 ft-lbs remaining with 1000fps muzzle velocity.
    I’m not a hunter but that sounds reasonable and feasible.
    Even at 1300fps the 9mm starts to tank after 100 yards with 12 inches drop at 150 and 30(!) at 200.
    So your working range should be 75-100 as you indicated in your first post.
    My concern would be hitting the thing and it being a quick kill.
    2-4MOA red dot vs a scope?
    Probably something with an illuminated reticle for low light.
    Only thing I know about coyotes is that they’re smart.
    Can you come within a 100 yards of one?
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    When's the last time you saw a coyote? They wander in front of me a bunch when driving. They hang and sleep in the field next to me. If I buy that field I can hunt them.

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    Yesterday. I was sitting in the parking lot at work facing the Airport runway. 250 across the runway i saw 2
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    I've seen them occasionally in the 'burbs surrounding Dayton and with a bit more frequency on the highways. ...In broad daylight usually.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    We have a lot around here. We live at the end of town bordering the railroad on one side and the river behind us. We get all kinds of wildlife. The coyotes we can hear them all night trying to lure our cats and dogs. We keep a handgun next to the dogs leash when we take her out.
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    That would depend on the scope. Take the MOA of the scope, divide it in half, then add the MOA you need to reach your desired range.
    160" of drop is 32(ish) MOA at 500y.
    So if your scope only has 45 MOA adjustment, center point is 22.5. That means you'll need at least 10 MOA to reach your target, theoretically. A 20 MOA base will suffice, and SHOULD leave you enough adjustment to bring it back to a 100y zero, but you might be at the very extreme end of your elevation adjustment to get there.

    So, long story short? Know your equipment's limitations and operate within your own capabilities.
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    Yes, I can. I've called one in to 25y with my predator decoy plus caller at elk camp up at 10,000ft and I've shot one on the run at 300y in the grasslands. Those are my bookend shots.
    I've had one jump up and stand 10ft away from the road on the way home from hunt camp down at Two Buttes.

    I'm also shooting hand rolled 53gr V-Max over 25.5gr of Viht N135 from a 20" 1:8 stainless heavy barrel chambered in .223 wylde. They're moving at around 3200fps.
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    Since you all are making me do my own research, thought i'd share some of my findings. Definitely 115 or 124 grain in +P, not 147. HST over Gold Dot hollow points. And to stir the pot on the sideline distractions to my thread, check out these videos about the range of 9mm:

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    @HPlover This topic has been hashed, rehashed, and now regurgitated recently. I'll tell you the same thing I told the last two who posted that exact same video.

    You're confusing efficacy with effectiveness.

    Real-world shooting is not seated, supported, from a sled, with fixed targets, at known distances, in ideal shooting conditions. Even a .22LR will carry lethal energy out to 400y and still be moving around 500 ft/s when it gets there.

    It's your hunt and your call, so all we can do is give you crap about it, but I'll throw a third "E" word at you to consider before you decide.

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    It's HPFF. We derail easily, and frequently. Before this thread dies you may get a great tomato soup recipe, or how to tune your snow mobile.
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    We’ve been watching those vids for yeaaaaaaars....
    Then again I don’t hunt and I don’t have a carbine so WTF do I know about shooting.
  14. I doubt that +P ammo will make enough difference to matter at that distance with that gun. Looking to rid a buddy's land of coyotes, if they are already there, is a pipe dream. Coyotes, rats, and mice are some of the most adaptable animals on the planet. I've seen 5 'yotes prancing through the backyard of my home that's in the middle of the 'burbs and lesser numbers many other times. They go where there's food and water. Water is the given, the food are deer coming down from the mountain this house is on. Go ahead and shoot them but, getting rid of them, keep trying. A .223 at the 100 yard distance is a nice choice.
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    Well, my ammo request may have become moot. Met my buddy today at his local range, and he had a present. 100 rounds of 9mm +P 115gr Hornady XTP!

    Got my 995TS sighted in at 75 yards then ran 60 of the XTP thru it with no FTF or FTE. Got 1-2" groups at 75 yards and 2-4" at 100 yards. Standing, supported, with some wind - those are good groups for me. Think I found my carbine ammo!

    Meanwhile he was equally pleased with the performance of some new ammo, Hornady LeveRevolution, in his .357 carbine.

    Then scouted his property. He has a couple tree stands and a blind overlooking the only creek for miles. He found tracks at a wide spot and seen 'yotes in that general area. We should have good 50-100 yard shots if they drink or maybe cross there.
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    Ya don't need any +P 9mm for any coyote. In the last 5 years I have killed, I think 6 now, around my front yard. They are thick here in town. I live on the very edge with a wooded creek across the property.
    Ranges have been from 25 to just at 100 yards. Either of our 995TS does the job. I do prefer the Winchester NATO loaded with 124gr FMJ. It works great for me out to 100yds. Doubt you will find this ammo for a long time again. Also, my Prvi 115gr FMJ ammo is very good also.

    I always aim at the shoulder area. Every one dropped right in their tracks.

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    get one of those predator calls and you're in business.
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    I think you got my jab at the clowns confused with the original topic. I certainly agree with the ethics of not using 9mm to hunt at 200-400 yards.

    Or maybe you are one of those that find 9mm handguns marginal for use on humans.

    The bullet, velocity/energy and accuracy of my proposed shots to 40lb coyotes at 75 yards are almost IDENTICAL to what I propose to use my carry pistol on 200lb humans at 15 yards. Although 'yotes may be more ethical than some humans...

    Is there a better gun/optic? Certainly, there almost always is. But, we are in a HP carbine forum. The 10mm perhaps?

    P.S. I should just nuke them from space, it's the only way to be sure. :bounce:
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    No, no confusion. Just letting you know that you're not the first to bring this up recently, and imparting some gentle wisdom as an experienced hunter of both the two wheel and four wheel drive varieties of varmints.
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    Aliens!!! One of my favorite all time movies.
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