9MM Carbine Issue

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by AMR, Jul 3, 2020.

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    ok snowflake

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    dang you ask for help and people act like a bunch of bitches. To the guys who are men and had an interest in actually helping with this thanks. I've only ever had a 12g and a 9 handguns never anything like this. The others making comments not even trying to help go fuck yourselves ill take it apart and fix it jist figured you pros could help me before I tear it down unreal way to help a vet.
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    stick around, you'll get it fixed. ignore the OIP.jpg s
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    Yeah, don't play the vet card around here. There's plenty of us around. I'm even a former Marine and retired FF/EMT-P. Got a handful of LEO's here as well.

    Take the shroud off, if nothing falls out then take the stock off. You can't get to the good stuff in the carbines like you can the handguns where you just pull the grip.

    Take pictures, and mind the springs. We'll get you sorted.
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    Don't you dare pull that victimized vet card around here. This site has many vets who have done a lot of deployments.

    You walk in here calling people snowflakes and bitches, but you don't know who any of these people are. Don't you sully the veteran community's reputation with that victim crap.
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    You've been a member for a few days and you're telling people here ''to go fuck themselves & calling them bitches''
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    Feel free to stop bolding all your text and throwing in random ass characters. Its annoying and unnecessary.
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    I’m going to ignore the low hanging fruit.
    We’ve had hundreds come on here and most go like ‘hey I think I messed it up can someone help’.
    It worked in the store and it didn’t mysteriously sabotage itself on the drive home.
    Dates do that, mechanical things not so much.
    Just admit you’ve made a mistake and everybody here will help you.
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    I Bet the charging handle is on backwards.
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    @FNG, as a vet you can get free membership after the Admin checks your creds.
    See, helping you already.
  13. My 4095 wouldn't open , that was after it blew up, squib, a round fired after one was in the chamber
    MOM completely rebuilt it including a new barrel
    last time I shot it worked fine