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9mm Carbine loads....

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What powder/bullets have you guys had good results with when it comes to accurate 100 yard shooting with the 9mm carbines, specifically the HiPoint 995.
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I try to reload on the CHEAP. I've been using TiteGroup and Berry's plated 115 gr. RN. They are plenty accurate at 50 - 75 yds. Haven't shot much at 100 though.
What kind of groups are you fellows getting from your powder/bullet combo's at the 50-100 yard targets?

What I want is a load that could be used to take a rabbit sized animal between the 50-100 yard ranges but still potent enough for SD work if needed. So... 3" or less groups would be acceptable for my needs.
just about any bullet will shoot that at 100 yards if you work up a specific load for it. My cheap loads with surplus FMJs are around six inches at 100 yards.

I am going to do a work up using Unique powder with my 124 grain Tumble Lube home cast wheel weight bullets. I hope to get good accuracy out of them @ 100 yards, but I'll settle for anything under 6 inches at that distance.
unique, bullseye, bluedot, and gah theres another, maybe longshot are some of the best for carbine loads. I use unique, its dirty as hell but its all good.
Not trying to get off topic here... but I laugh when folks talk about how dirty Unique is because I used to load Black Powder and Pyrodex P in .38 Special and .45LC.. Talk about dirty now those make for some REAL dirty loads..LOL!

I kinda settled on Unique for my 9mm Carbine loads because its the slowest burning powder I have on hand and it does really well in my Marlin 1894 lever carbine. As soon as I get my current round of pistol loads done I will get back on the Carbine only 9mm loads and see what happens.
I haven't really developed my carbine load, I just said "hmm unique will work well" and went with it. I've put probably 1000 rounds downrange with it since. I'm thinking about doing a 4095 torture test where I never clean it. hehe
Lee TL-120-TC on top of a healthy dose of blue dot. It's a donkey punch...
unique, bullseye, bluedot, and gah theres another, maybe longshot are some of the best for carbine loads. I use unique, its dirty as hell but its all good.
The old unique used to make a real mess. I don't find the new unique as bad as bullseye. Unique and bullseye is about all I am loading in handgun stuff. I shoot a 125gr LRN bullet on top. I have shot a standard unique load to 200 yards from my 995. I would very much like to retry that test with some 147gr bullets.
i am using Clays right now. It is a really clean burning powder, residue wise, but it produces alot of smoke. II am using 124 gr LRN.
Tested at 100 feet. Listed most accurate first.

Tried Blue Dot, HS-6, Power Pistol, Universal, 231 and TiteGroup for Remington's and Winchester. Loads from Lyman #3. Thrown with Lee Auto Pro.
Rem 147 JHP: Blue Dot, HS-6, Universal. Throw out the flier and the latter 2 are best. Blue Dot compressed.
Rem 147 FMJ: Blue Dot, TiteGroup, HS-6. Blue Dot compressed.
Win 147 JHP: TiteGroup, Blue Dot, 231, HS-6, Universal. Throw out the flier and Universal is the best. Blue Dot compressed.

For Hornady tried Blue Dot, HS-6 and Power Pistol. Loads from Hornady #7. Thrown with Lee Auto Pro.
Hornady 147 TMJ: Blue Dot, HS-6. Throw out the flier and HS-6 is best. Blue Dot compressed.

These were all jacketed bullets.
Powder position seems to be a factor. Compressed loads and TiteGroup seem to be more consistent.
Universal is a very good powder except for that first shot flier. I observed the phenomena in other autos and revolvers. Pointing the firearm up will reduce but not eliminate the phenomenon.
Slower powders appear to work better than the faster powders but are affected by the strength of the bullet.

If we include the fliers for the HS-6 and Universal, The most accurate was Rem JHP with Blue Dot. Second was Rem FMJ-FP with Blue Dot. The difference was 0.1 inches and probably insignificant.

If we exclude the first shot flier, the best choice is Win JHP with Universal.

I'm filling this in during a break while I stuff 500 rounds with Blue Dot. After all, the 4th of July is a 3 day weekend and I intend to celebrate in style.
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