9mm case prep Q

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  1. When you prep 9mm cases for loading do you trim each and every one to a set length or just check to make sure none are over the max OAL and go?
  2. Heh. I just clean the brass in my tumbler and throw it into my case feeder and go.

    Its just 9mm not 500 S&W.

    Seriously, if I end up with a couple that don't chamber out of a few hundred, I'm not going to worry about it. All of the IPSC guys taht I know, do not trim any of their pistol brass (9mm/40 S&W/45 ACP).

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    9mm doesnt grow enough to be troublesome unless you load it ten times or more. Most 9mm will be junk by the time it needs trimmed.

  4. aye, they're right. Don't worry about it. Only worry when its been reloaded many times, you're using a hot load and its been reloaded several times, or its rifle casings.
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    I do not worry about it. If it gets to long and wont chamber just toss it. Same with 45 ACP. I have 10 and 15 reloads on some of my 9s
  6. Thanks for the information guys, that's what I also needed to hear!
  7. I set my calipers to just below the max trim length and lock it in with the set screw. Then I sit back and pass them through the jaws while I watch TV or something. If I get one that is a bit tight or worse, I set it aside and check those one at a time...

    I have a small babyfood jar that has those which have been too long. I have been loading MANY 9mms over the years and have yet to fill it... just too much brass around to hassle with it...