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  1. lklawson

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    What is your current component cost per 50 on 9mm reloads?

    An acquaintance told me the other day that NIB costs on 9mm have come down so much that he's going to stop handloading for it because he's not saving money.

    Didn't sound right to me. It's looking like brass cased range fodder can be had for as low as ~$10 / 50 for import NIB or U.S. commercial reloads. You getting under that at current component prices?

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  2. Hansj3

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    At $9.73 it isn't worth my time.

    .38spc OTOH at $21/50 pays for itself after 3-4 boxes, with the wack a mole kit

  3. sarahsmom

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  4. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Unless you bought components back when prices were better, or go straight lead weak load plinking rounds, the present sub $10 ammo is hard to beat.

    All I load in 9mm is JHP ammo, I've never bothered with FMJ or range ammo.

    .40, 10 mm and .45 though...oh yeah.;)
  5. OldOutlaw

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    Where is the break even point for you?? I have a wack-a-mole from years ago.
    However, I am buying Armscor (RIA) 158gr FMJ from Grafs on sale for $14.59bx. It is $16.59 regular price. Good quality and clean burning ammo. NRA tests with this ammo and a 2" Snubby from Armscor showed a 2" grouping at either 7 or 15 yards. Forget which.
  6. OldOutlaw

    OldOutlaw Supporting Member

    I can buy some Premium Russian at right now at $9.49 per box. Case quantity is at $9.00 per box.

    I just bought a 1450 round case of NATO ammo for only $10 per box.

    Yes, for certain, 9mm has come down quite a bit. If I were to figure component costs
    I don't know exactly. But if I figured my time to reload 9mm it is not worth it to me at these prices.
  7. Hansj3

    Hansj3 Supporting Member

    Plinking loads cost $5.50-6
    Ammo costs $21a box

    .38spc brass lasts quite a while

    The Lee loader is $30, hammer is 7..
  8. GoesBang

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    <$20 per pound for powder
    $.03 per primer
    $.07 for LSWC hard cast (commercial)
  9. Hansj3

    Hansj3 Supporting Member

    Right, but all of those expenses are factored into the $5.50-6 a box. Why would you double charge yourself?

    If I wanted to know how many rounds until "free" reloads that would be a useful number...
  10. GoesBang

    GoesBang Supporting Member

    I have never heard of free ammunition. We reload to make shooting more affordable. It gives me the opportunity to shoot more for less.
  11. undeRGRound

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    ...it's alright, this Mole is Armed ;) But I gotta keep my eye on him... :blush:

    What he's saying is price of 1000 rounds vs. the same dollar figure
    in components, how many more rounds can I produce for the same $...
  12. Branth

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    I'm looking at about $5.50/box using Bayou Bullets coated lead. They shoot great and clean out of my gun, so I'm more than happy to save some cash and shoot those instead of jacketed.
  13. noylj

    noylj Member

    Looking at my 9x19 and using current prices:
    Bullet: Precision Delta 124gn JHP. Order 2000 or more for $89/1000 or 9 cents/bullet or Precision Bullet 125gn L-CFN swaged and coated for $225.00/3500 (6.4 cents/bullet).
    Primer: Whatever I can find. CCI is $27/1000 at Powder Valley (can't find any 5000 count sleeves any where), so 2.7 cents/round
    Powder: For me, I load Power Pistol. Most accurate powder I have found and gives better accuracy than any factory round I find (and that, to me, is main reason to reload). $67/4lb, load 5.0gn or 6.0gn so rounds cost .24 cents/grain, of 1.2 cents/round for 5.0gn and 1.4 cents/round for 6.0gn.
    So, my most expensive would be 13.1 cent/round and the cheapest would be 10.3 cents/round. That would be $6.55-5.15/50.
    You can save a bit more if you shoot 115gn bullets and much less if you shoot 147gn bullets.
    So, if "premium" Russian at almost $10 a box is good enough and you would rather not reload...
    I can not believe that primers are running almost 3 cents/primer.
    I remember when an expensive box of 100 was about 50 cents.
  14. undeRGRound

    undeRGRound ROLL wif Da MOLE! Supporting Member

  15. Hansj3

    Hansj3 Supporting Member

    It just depends on your frame of mind. If you value your reloads at a comparable price to what commercial new is, there is a break even point, after witch the savings are transfered to repaying your investment, or free ammo after that's paid

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    well I'm using about 2 cents of powder, 7.5 cents per projectile, and 4 cents for primers. So $6.75 a box. Not much savings I guess but I do it anyway. And I haven't seen any $10 a box around here, more like $14-15.
    Someone please tell me why .45 acp is still $20-25 a box...
  17. Hansj3

    Hansj3 Supporting Member

    $18.79 here
  18. greg_r

    greg_r Lifetime Supporter

    I just bought two boxes of Federal SPP 45's for $31 and some change. When I saw the price $14.99 for 50, I thought they were priced wrong, I asked and they said it was right. I still think they were priced wrong. I just wish they had more of them.

    GLUGLUG Supporting Member

    damn that's awesome. Not that I buy factory ammo anymore but sometimes the pricing on it just boggles me. I guess I remember getting 45s for about 15-18 a box. locally they are still above 20
  20. 60ratrod

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    I load all mine for convenience and accuracy vice savings. I find it more convenient to load when i plan to go shoot rather than go to where the rounds are found and fork the cash over, especially since i already have the stores on hand