9mm For Bowling Pin Match

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  1. I know the 45 acp is the king of the pin match but for poos and giggles I'm thinking of loading some 147 grain lead flat points.

    I'm much more accurate with the 9mm.

    Has anyone had success with pins using 9mm loads?
  2. planosteve

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    Not in a match but even with the 147's you need to hit them solid to knock them down. That is why 45 is the king pin. I know bad pun.

  3. Branth

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    Looking at the data from Hodgdon's reloading website, it looks like the power factor (muzzle velocity times bullet weight, or momentum) is pretty similar for the three different loads. They're all between 135k and 140k, with 147gr having the highest power factor at 140k PF and 115gr with the lowest at 137k PF. The difference doesn't appear to be too great, but a 115gr is travelling significantly faster and might exit the pin, which would really effect the literal "knockdown power" of the bullet, so heavier bullets are definitely preferred. For comparison, a 45ACP 230gr bullet at 850 fps is 196k PF.

    I've never shot a bowling pin match, but I've shot some pins before and my 9mm knocked them down alright with 124gr mild loads. You do have to hit them pretty square though. I'd give it a shot and see how it works for you.
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    I have shot pins with 9 mm and even heavy 38 specials. They do not work well. Especially after the pins have been shot a few times and have gained a few ounces. And the faster 9 mm do not exit the pins.

    Pins are set on a 4' x 8' table, 22" apart and 1' from the forward edge. Times are from when the pins strike the ground, not from just knocking them over. Most, if not all your pins will have to clear the back of the table. You will be limited to six rounds per magazine and the 9 mm just dosent have the mass needed to knock them off the table without multiple hits. I generally use three magazines with the 45, and would want 5 with the 9mm. The 45 with a good hit will generally knock them off.......sometimes! Rarely do I need the third magazine, but usually use at least part of the second! Tons of fun.

    For some added fun, try pin tops. When he pins are shot to doll rags, they cut the tops off and use them for .22 rimfire matches!
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    I didn't realize you had to knock them all the way off the table - That would certainly add to the challenge! In IDPA matches with steel, I occasionally have to pop a few rounds to the top end of a target to get it to fall, so I get a little extra leverage, but if you need to get the pin off the table, dead center is probably better.
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    I shoot pins with my 995 carbine. I use 127 gr HP cast from range scrap that are powder coated. They are shot over X.X grns of 231. The load chronos at 1240 fps and knocks pins down and off the table easily.

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    No powder charges posted.
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    We do pins with 22lr pistols. It knocks it down no problem, but we also don't put them on tables we set them on a 2x4 so they fall to the ground after being hit.