9mm For Carbines/Paul Harrell

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    The SF is indicated on the right side of the frame. I have the Hogue version of the X-Grips. I keep those on my riot defense vest with my AR mags. I have a G21, but I actually like shooting my G30SF more for some reason. I put a set of Trijicon tritium sights on it, too--the ones with the Novak-type rear sight. That thing is sweet.
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    That ARX is frangible, right? and has a three-point screwdriver tip...
    I looked at the ballistics, totally different animal, from what I can tell.
    The Underwood/Lehigh concept is high velocity and maximum hydrostatic shock.
    Temporary wound cavity is like a basketball, with Extreme Defender. It's also
    SOLID COPPER, designed for hard barrier penetration in the Extreme Penetrator
    versions. Surprised it has not been shouted down by the left, yet...


    I'd think the ARX would be a better round for SD than Underwood/Lehigh, at least in court if the DA pressed charges to "make an example" out of you or me...
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    The ARX is not frangible.
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    The ARX is made of the polymer copper matrix, rather than solid copper. When I look at the box, I don't see anything calling it frangible, however. Just like the Underwood version, the ARX is designed to maximize the wound channel through the effects of high velocity and the channels in the projectile. The box of .45 ACP I have in front of me shows a 118gr projectile at 1350 FPS, and the .380 shows a 56gr projectile at 1260 FPS. While the construction of the projectiles might differ between the Underwood and the ARX, the general concepts should result in similar effects in ballistic gelatin. I'll see if I can find anything to the contrary.

    On the subject of frangibility, the construction of the ARX projectile leaves the same kind of marks on a steel target as their frangible training ammo does. The copper polymer matrix might promote that when the projectile hits really hard objects, but I don't think it would be frangible in the way a Glaser Safety Slug would be.

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    He must be too lazy to research the ARX on yoUtUbe. It may like flying through windshields. I forgot if they tried that.
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    The marketing material doesn't indicate that the ARX is intended to be frangible. However, they have a tendency to shear off at the tip in the wound channel.

    Video here:

    Peace favor your sword,
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