9mm Gold Dot?

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    Hi Folks,

    I just bought a couple new Hi points. I have the 995 Carbine and C9. I have had them for about a month and have shot 9mm FMJ through them with no issues. Looks like I got them through the break in period.

    Since I am on a budget and can not afford to shot ammo such as gold dot to test (Its about $15-20 a box). Has anyone had issues with the any of the 9mm Hi point hadguns or carbine having issues with this brand of ammo or any kind of JHP defensive loads?

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    Mine will eat anything you feed it. I have tried just about every brand and almost every bullet out there including reloads and have only had a 2 or 3 ftf.

  3. Mine is loaded with Gold Dots.
    I've fired a few boxes of them with no issues out of my C9.
  4. GD worked fine, but I switched to HST.
  5. I have not found any ammo that mine will not eat.
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    You have too shoot it too be sure it will cycle 100%, every gun is different and whats works in one gun will choke another of the same pistol.
  7. As much as it pains me, i agree with glockman. I have to go to the range with my 115gr 9mm winchester ranger +P+ LEO rounds. I really dont want to. But you can have a mag full of the baddest hp's out there, and if they wont feed you are SOL. Throw a few down range.
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    Glockman and Super_virgil are right. I have not had any problem with the hps' feeding. But a couple guys herehave had to adjust the feed lips on the mag to make it feed them correctly. Each gun may look identical, be built on the same line and one not feed and one might feed fine.
  9. Ari

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    I did it with my gold dots $24 a box
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    Remmington Rounds Are Nice

    I chambered the Remmington round I have put about 5000 rounds through my C9. I bought the weapon used and I called Hi Point and they sent me manual, trigger lock, new springs and also warned me not to use Wolf and Bear ammo. They also sent me a price guide for different assortments they are compatible with my C9 and all of there products. :)
  11. i recommend the next time you go to a gun show, pick up a box each of those common cheap ammo and try all of them up. for what i learn, c9 will eat most of cheap ammo but each c9 DO prefer different ammo some time. my c9 like wwb, blazer, s&b, but don't like wolf(and most steel casing) too much. and other's c9 love wolf but can't feed wwb. try it out with your c9, that's the only way to know for sure.