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  1. Ragman

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    I got my 9mm Carbine about a month ago. it shoots great and never missed a lick.
    My question is.- Do hollow points work as well?
  2. lklawson

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    Yes, though out of a longer barrel they will have a higher velocity than the expanding point bullet is most likely engineered for. This may mean that the bullet will fragment, shed its jacket, or over-expand and limit penetration depth, instead of expanding in the way the designers engineered it to. But you'll probably be OK anyway. If it fragments or sheds its jacket while still penetrating > 12", I'd say it's OK. And I rather doubt that most of them will so dramatically over-expand due to the extra velocity that they will fail to penetrate to 12" or more. But it's a possibility that you should be aware of. :)

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  3. There is one sure fire way to find out.

    A lot would depend on the nose of the HP also. Some HP's feed better than others. There is no one size fits all answer.

    ETA I have only one 9mm a Star Super A, I feed it Berry's target hollow point. I have never been a fan of magic expanding bullets, but the THP is more like a flat point, which I do have a lot of faith in. THP's are not designed to expand.
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  4. ndindy

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    You're not going to get enough of a velocity boost to worry about even mid range bullets failing. You would have to be using the most marginal of all bullets for an extra 100fps to actually damage them. In any case a HP that doesn't expand is no worse than a non-expanding bullet to staret with, but it can only do better.

    Having said that for SD use a premium bullet, for plinking use cheap bullets.

    Hornady xtp is good, speer golddot is good.
  5. undeRGRound

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    It's even possible that the Hollow Points work even better, actually ;)
    The cheaper, old style tend to expand better at higher velocities. Some
    actually required more velocity than a handgun generated. The OLD
    "rule of thumb" was 1200 FPS... So try older JHP examples, first.

    Just my 2¢
  6. moona11

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    I've used the same as WW and never had issues with them and the are about as cheaply made as they come.
  7. ArmyScout

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    Do hollow points works as well what? Expansion, hitting the target, accuracy?
  8. Ragman

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    I should have worded my question better. Thank you for pointing that out.:D

    I will use my carbine mainly for self and home protection.

    Am I better off using FMJ or JHP as far as stopping power and avoiding jams.

    Also do you recommend 115gr or 124gr.

  9. moona11

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    HP's as for what brand you just have to shoot them to see what works. Each gun is different.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I saw on Ytube someone shot the bulk 100rd box of JHP's from Walmart. The white box with the green Remington lettering. They were fired into some milk jugs of water from a carbine and expanded well.

    It's what feeds reliably in YOUR weapon. I have shot 5 different brand JHP's in my 995TS's and they eat everything so far.
  11. Rachgier

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    Do you mean the Remington UMC? I've shot that out of my 4095, and her g19. Never had any issues with it.

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Yes! Dat-Beez-da-One! It turned into shrapnel! Great round for the 995TS!


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Apples and oranges here. Yet it performed well out of the 3.8" barrel. I am going to look for a 3" barrel test.


    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    3" barrel ;) Loooookeeng goooood!

    Canary ammo.......CHEAP! CHEAP!

  15. PapaMAS

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    Federal Hydra-shock 124gr run best in mine, meaning, no failures and good accuracy (3" groups at 50 yards shooting offhand). I would rather be using Speer Gold Dot but I still have a FTF issue with them (even after playing with the mags and polishing the feed ramp).
  16. ndindy

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    That's why a good bullet is a good idea for SD. Bonded bullets *shouldn't* shed their jacket. My old dept switched to speer golddots after a failed bullet came apart going through some glass. I wasn't part of the testing but it was the only one that would go through a windshield intact.

    Water is a really destructive element to try and test bullets with. Tons of fun to blow up jugs, but not much real world info to be gathered. In general a good rifle round will turn to shrapnel in water, but a mediocre pistol round will often survive.

    Mythbusters did an episode that was pretty entertaining. I believe every long gun round failed explosively in a foot or less, the pistol rounds would go a few feet and then just settle to the bottom.
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    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    I see very few BJHP bullets. I think I have some Ranger 135gr .40. I don't know about HST, and HydaShok, Hornady's stuff.
  18. ndindy

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    I put an xtp designed for .45acp velocity broad side through a decent sized cow elk at 44mag velocity at about 15 yards. I recovered it just under the far skin, didn't weigh the bullet to see how much remained but visually it survived really well. Even at way higher velocity, it's a tough bullet. It was the first one of my bullets I've recovered in probably 20 years.

    At the same time my hunting buddy broad-sided a smaller cow with a 300 winmag, not sure what bullet he used. I recovered his bullet in the same location :laugh:

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Skin will stop a bullet, especially human skin..............on the far side!
  20. FortyFiveAuto

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    Federal 124 grain HST in standard pressure. Accept no substitutes.