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  1. MadJack

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    I shot both the Federal 124 grain HST standard and +P yesterday. No issues. I carry the +P in my EDC.
  2. OldOutlaw

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    I like my Hornady Critical Duty LE 135 gr with FlexLock bullets best. Meets or exceeds all FBI requirements. I will stick with this stuff.

  3. PapaMAS

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    Just took a quick comparison of Hydra-Shock and Gold Dot. The GDs are clearly longer than the HS; don't know by how much as I don't have calipers. So, this might be the reason for the failures to feed.

    Gonna test out Remington Golden Saber to see how they do. Their length seems to be between the GD and the HS.
  4. ndindy

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    Any factory ammo of the same bullet weight should be more or less the same length and designed to work in pretty much every factory mag/chamber. Are you using apples/apples on the bullet weight?

    For the most part when I've seen FTF problems in the same caliber it's the bullet profile that causes the issues. I don't have the same sitting in front of me, flipping back and forth on the pictures at midwayusa it looks like the GD might be a little blunter than the federals.
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  5. PapaMAS

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    Yup. Both are 124gr. Here they are side by side.

    GD and HS comparison.jpg
  6. Hansj3

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    Defect? If I were board, I'd call speer and see if they would tell you what the oal is supposed to be
  7. Hansj3

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    There's a weird bulge in the right round. And it looks like the primer isn't flush
  8. Telehillsdale

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    Hollow Points

    Since you asked this a month ago you've gotten lots of responses, but wanted to weigh in. You should have no problems shooting any HP out of your carbine. But, if you are just target shooting I have to ask, why would you? Hollow points are designed for expanding in tissue and killing or injuring - that's what they are for. I can't think of a single reason why you would need to or want to practice with them. They are way more expensive than FMJs and at range distances ballistically something you will not notice any difference in. Save your money, keep your HPs at home ready to go to defend yourself and only use FMJs at the range. As far as selecting the "right" HP for your defense here is a link to the Lucky Gunner comprehensive test results. Keep in mind these are with 9mm pistols so with an additional 12" of barrel on the carbine you will see 100 - 200 more fps out of the muzzle but, you will likely also be further away from the bad guy than 10'. At least it gives some great side by side comparative performance data on various different rounds.

  9. colthrash

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    i will disagree with the statement you should not practice with self defense ammo. it has been my experience that self defense rounds have a different point of impact than the target ammo I use. I find this the same from 380, 38 sp, 9mm, 357 mag, and my 45 acp. these are my personal experiences, no science... the self defense rounds tend to shoot low. (I try to stay with hydra shoks for consistency)

    TNTRAILERTRASH Supporting Member

    Gotta make sure the your JHP of choice will feed reliably. But practicing with them all the time? It could get pricey.

    I would image some will use the HiPoint carbines to hunt deer or hogs where legal. It would be good to know how they perform.
  11. MadJack

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    I'm not sure about 9mm HP, but I did see a picture of someone who took a sizable hog with a 4095TS.

    I usually shoot a magazine or two of my SD ammo each gun, each range trip, from booth my 995TS and M&P 9c. Helps to rotate out older carry ammo, so I can rotate in fresh ammo.