9mm JHP or TAP

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  1. All I've used out of my 995 is WWB FMJ and its been flawless. Recently, a couple was murdered south of the metro by an intruder which got me thinking about keeping a clip loaded just in case.

    Due to the price, $20 per 50, I have been reluctant in trying either the JHP or TAP. Does anyone else use them and how do they feed?

    I'm not as worried about accuracy as the longest distance in my house is only 15-20 yards.

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    for self defense ammo i suggest cor-bon DPX ammo. ive seen nothing but great accuracy out of every gun and caliber ive seen it shot from and the solid copper barnes bullet has great weight retention and expansion thats hard to beat

  3. I shoot WWB and Wolf steel case at the range. Both are about $16 per 100. I buy my WWB at Wal-mart. My range, which I try and support whenever possible, gets $14 per 50.

    If you want to keep a loaded magazine for self defense, doesn't it make sense to use the very best ammo that would provide the most stopping power? Most gun fights are at about 20-25 feet.
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    Range time, shoot the WWB. Always keep a mag of JHP for the HD rig.
    I tend to shoot JHP at the range once every 6 months to rotate the magazine and ensure proper feeding. small price to pay.
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    I posted a 9x19mm comparison on a seperate post, but for me i don't rotate anything. I shot the same stuff at the range that i carry daily in my XD9SC and that is Federal HST 124gr JHP. I have shot the same cartridge in the 147 gr, but didn't feel the need to continue, it seemed to perform the same as the 124 gr.
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    I find it a bit overkill to shoot JHP (and quite expensive for HST) at the range.
    Shootist, If you shot this stuff exclusively, your ammo budget must be pretty high (i.e. 2000 rounds per year= $5000 before tax and range time.) assuming you shoot enough to stay sharp. please advise....
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    1500 rounds last year. Range time is free for the most part since i shoot at a friends farm. But from time to time, i do visit a few indoor pistol ranges, no big deal. As to the cash out lay, I don't know where you are buying your ammo, but i buy 500 rounds at a time and they cost me $200 per 500 at the hogh end and closer to $180 when it isn't in short supply. So thats $600 for the 1500 rounds. and extra 500 to get to your 2000 would be a total of $800. But if i worried about that, I woudn't shoot at all, or drive an H2 hummer or do any of the other stuff i do that some people worry about the money I spend. and i certainly don't worry about the sales tax.
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    Where are you getting HST for that price? I would too at that price- but it seems very underpriced.
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    Often times it is in short supply, but they will honor their published price when they get it if they are out at the time you order. Now i have spent a bunch of money with them over the years , and while i don't get any spoecial price, they do seem to be helpful when they are out of what i need.

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  11. Dunno about the 995, but I bought a box of 180grn TAP bullets to reload. They performed and functioned flawlessly. Expansion is exceptional and very consistent.
  12. I like the JHP's in the c9. I use WWB JHP's and they work fine. Since my c9 is my carry weapon, I shoot the JHP's at the range too. (I do shoot FMJ's for pleasure, but I like to shoot enough JHP for consistentcy in practice.
  13. Let me clarify, my FMJ's work great. However, since this is a 9mm, I want something that'll mushroom and cause massive damage.

    In the middle of the night, I want a round that'll stop 'em cold in one shot with less than perfect placement. I also need to know it won't jam on me.

    My question is what do you use and have you had any problems?
  14. I honestly do not know if the 9mm 100% fits that bill no matter what load you use.

    For what you are wanting, you might want to consider something shooting a .44 Mag or .500 S & W . Those are more likely to cause massive damage even if not in a vital area.

    Of course a 12 gauge shotgun would fit the bill also.
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    Please read sticky in the Caliber Zone! GM has taken the time to do a good Defense Ammunition run down.

    No mater what you carry you do need to get out and shoot a few hundred rounds of the stuff without any problems before you rely on it in your weapon. Also do not think you are going to find anything that is going to give you for sure one shot stops. You need to take the time to train train train. You need to practice shooting tell the threat is removed. You also need to get a plan for your house. Then you need to do dry runs of that plan. There is much more too this then just keeping a mag loaded with some super ammo. (That does not exist )