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    Hello and what a great forum here.I have learned a lot just by reading and I have my own .45 Hi Point now and have to say....what a winner.
    I got mine from Johnny Kasper in Shiner Texas and he is a A++++dealer.

    My question to you all is this.

    I want to buy my wife a HP 9mm or 380ACP.
    Which one would you all recommend for this?She's 5' 2" tall and has experience with guns.Please if it is not to much to ask....gimme some advice.


  2. Kyu

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    Let her shoot them both and let her make the decision. I have the CF380 and love it. The plus with the 9mm is that ammo is cheaper. In my area the difference is about a buck between 9mm and .380 ammo. Both will do the job, both are reliable, and both are fun to shoot. Or why not get em both? :D

  3. The difference in the .380, and 9mm is nil. get the 9mm cheaper to shoot.

  4. I personally think that the 9mm has less recoil. Sounds weird I know. Plus the 9 has more stopping power than a .380
  5. +1 broomhead, I absolutely agree.
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    Plus the 9 and the 380 are made on the exact , no difference, frame. The diff is the slide and barrel I tried a 380 mag from a friend of mine to see if it would work and guess what it did! That is why I say the slide and barrel are the only major diffs. Weight wise I don't remember (medication kickin in) if there are much diff there but I am sure they are so close it would not be noticeable. The 9 ammo is cheaper.
  7. I too have both. The recoil of the 9mm is minimal and the ammo is both more powerful and less expensive. Go with the 9 and you both go shoot more--it's real quality time with your wife.
  8. Kyu

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    Stopping power's a myth. The best gun is the one that you are comfortable with, be it a .22 or a .50. The round with the most stopping power belongs to which ever gun you can put more rounds on target with. If it feels right, go with it. If you can't try before you buy, go with the 9mm just to save a bit of cash. Both rounds/guns will do the job beautifully.

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    Well said KYU . You always hear people say the .380 has less stopping power than a 9mm.Why is it you hear many manufacturers refer to the 380 as a "short 9mm"? I was doing some ammo research and found many ammo makers call it a short 9 and some Firearms makers do it at times.
  10. Strangerous

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    .380 ACP aka 9mm Browning Short aka 9mm Kurz(short) aka 9mm Corto... ;)
    9mm = 9x19mm
    9mm Makarov = 9x18mm
    .380acp = 9x17mm
  11. Corelogik

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    Don't forget that the 9mm (9mm Parabellum/Luger) has a tapered case. The 380 does not. It may be referred to as a 9mm short, but the only thing they have in common is the diameter of the bullet.
  12. makarovnik

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    I know you're not going to believe this but I would choose the .380acp. The recoil spring is much lighter making racking the slide easier. The straight walled .380 also stacks up better in the magazine and feeds better. Ammo is less powerful but more expensive than 9x19 though.
  13. I find your statement interesting. I've never noticed a difference in racking the slide on the two. I just took both my HP .380 and 9 to my wife and asked her which she thought was easier. She couldn't tell a difference either.

    It would be interesting if more people would post their subjective feelings about the diffeence in the two pistols. Also, if anyone is bored enough to attach a spring scale and do some actual measuring, please post your results.

    This could be fun! :wink:
  14. Dave_H

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    What originally drew my attention to the Hi point brand was the glowing review Bill C. Keefer gave the CF-380 a few years ago on his website. He's retired now, but at the time he was the President of the Fraternal order of Law enforcement, a certified firearms instructor and former LEO with credentials a mile long. I was stunned a guy with his background would give what was (at the time) a $90 gun such an enthusiastic endorsement.

    If I can find it archived anywhere I'll post it.

    As I recall he was also big proponent of the .380 acp, and he also touted guns like the Bersa Thunder, and even carried such guns as his personal CC weapons.
  15. while I don't have a Hi point .380, I do have a .380 pistol, as well as a C9. the C9 sits in my nightstand, and teh .380 sits in my wifes.

    if I had to choose, for a man or woman, it would be the C9. why? because it isn't the rounds fired that count, and it isn't the ballistics, it is the hits that count. 9mm ammo is cheaper, and therefore will see more range time.
  16. ajole

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    NE Utah
    Slide effort

    While I have no proof, I think the .40 HP slide is easier to rack than my Makarovs, but then I do have a heavier-than-stock spring in my Maks. But neither is too hard for my daughters and wife to handle.

    And for some reason, .380 ammo is way more expensive than 9mm locally, like $4-$5 more per box.
  17. Strangerous

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    Re: Slide effort

    folks who carry .380 just buy whatever ammo they need for break-in, and self defense, carry the ammo until it's ugly, fire them off, and buy more... folks who carry 9mm are not only more likely to fire off more rounds, but they'll pop those rounds off more often... it is the effects of supply/demand at its finest. (There's not much demand, and there's not really a big supply... higher price. But 9mm is massively produced for law enforcement, security training, and military applications... wheres the .380? Not so much)
  18. I was toying with getting a Ruger 380 LCP for concealed carry (I love my C9 but it's a little big for that) and ran across the following article that strongly recommends a 9mm over a 380 for self defense: http://hunting.about.com/od/guns/l/aast9mmv380a.htm

    I can't find it anymore, but there used to be a link showing the relative damage each type of round did when fired in to ballistics gel as well. It was enough to convince me that if I want a smaller handgun I should still hold out for a 9 over the LCP.

    I do however agree that accuracy and being able to put more than one bullet on target trumps the "stopping power" of the handgun.
  19. Strangerous

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    silhouette steel drop plates w/ hinge on bottom...
    45acp drops with headshot... drops with COM shot.
    9mm drops with headshot... drops with COM shot.
    .380 drops with headshot... must doubletap to drop with COM shot.
    .22 drops with several quick headshots... drops with many quick COM shot.
  20. not to start a flame war..but..

    45acp-- drops me on my butt--
    9mm-- drops me on my butt
    .380-- at range (my bedroom-- 10-15ft) AND what I pack Corbon +P drops me on my butt
    .22-- unless it hits me in my cabeza makes me cry and run away--


    I have my .380 for close in shooting in my home and from my truck--
    if Zombies take over or crazy *ssed militias wander the Earth, then I will do my damnest to avoid contact...If I must engage, then it is 7.62x39 at 100-200 yds or Marlin 60 w 3X scope at 100 yrd or less--

    if they get in close, then it goes to xd45 then CF380

    Hey, you shoot a BB gun at me, then I will probably run!!