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  1. I'm going to order either a 995 or a 4095. My main concern is reliability. Is either more reliable than the other? I would like to get the 995 for the inexpensive ammo, but will get the 4095 if the consensus says it is more reliable. Anybody out there have both, or have experience with both?
  2. I can't speak for the 4095, but my 995 has been drop dead reliable. Besides the firearms listed below, I've also owned a Mini 30 and other BP pistols. Of all of them, the 995 has been the most reliable and accurate. My MN 91/30 has even jammed (rims hung up in the magazine well).

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    I own both the 995 and 4095. Both are equally reliable and fun to shoot. The 995's ammo is a little cheaper but the 4095 speaks with a little greater authority.

    So my question is: Why pick just one? Buy both and have double the pleasure and double the fun. :lol: :mrgreen:
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    my 995 has been very reliable
  5. I have both and like them a lot . I started out with the 995 and liked it so much that I got a 4095 . Angel has laid claims to the 995 and refers to it as HER rifle . I wanted the 4095 for the extra knock down power. If I was looking to get one for the first time I would get the 995 because the ammo is cheaper than the 4095 and because you could get an ATI stock for the 995 and not the 4095. No matter which one you get , you will like it .
  6. They are both very reliable carbines, the 9mm is cheaper to shoot, but the .40 has more power and has the last round bolt lock back feature and a 1 inch longer barrel

    You wont go wrong with either one
  7. I have a 995, been shooting it for about 7 years. Great to shoot, and am now looking at the 4095. Personally I would have to say get them both now while you can so you don't have to wait and wish like I have.