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  1. Hello, everyone. I want to purchase a Hi-Point 9mm pistol. I found a website, that lists two 9mm pistols - One sells for $143.89 (Hi-Point 00916 Compact) and the other sells for $144.89 (HI-PT (MM CMP). Can anyone tell me what the difference is between the two pistols. I read the information on their website, (Golden State Tactical) and it really did not help me much. The web add says one has and MSRP of $164.91 and the other $189. I called Hi-Point and they could not help. Can anybody help me with this mystery? Thanks.
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    well, the easiest way to help would be if we could actually SEE the descriptions. post a link to said website, or, copy and paste the descriptions for each. otherwise, we have really absolutely zero information to go on.

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    You're talking about a dollar difference here.......$1
    I can tell you now those guns are identical.
    Look at shipping costs and FFL fees before you buy.
  4. Here are the two links to the two pistols:



    They seem to be the same gun, but when you look at the prices on them and how they are described, they seem different.

    As far as the FFL prices, these guys are very good. Way less expensive than others in town, and I have dealt with them before. Thanks for trying the help me figure this out. I have written to Golden State Tactical and I will see what they said too, but I wanted some other opinions.

    Thank you for you help.

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    Both are the same. You may be able to find lower priced off line at a L.G.S.
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    The C9 is a very common and easy to find model. Browse your local pawn shops and gun stores. They can often be had for around or even under $100. I paid $80 for mine. All it needed was a little cleaning up and it shot like new. Even a rough and well worn gun can be sent back to the factory to be refurbished (for free). You can get it brand new for around $150 if you insist on not getting a used one.
  7. Look down through the overview, although they have different SKU #'s the manufacture parts # is the same, 916, just in a different format. I'd say they're identical, maybe entered into their system twice?

    I take that back, the one has a "24/7 Tritium Night Front, Integral U-Notch Rear" sights whereas the other one has "3 Dot Adjustable Sights". I didn't know Hi Point offered a model with night sights. We'll have to wait for one of the more knowledgable forum members to weigh in on this.
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  8. Thanks everyone - one of our local gun shops has the nerve to be selling them for $239. I will do some more searching as the fees Golden State charges don't change regardless of where you purchase the pistol. For $1 more I would get the Tritium night sight. Good idea to check pawn shops.
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    HiPoint DOES NOT offer a model with tritium nigh sights.
    That's an error in the ad for sure.
    Tritium inserts are like $50-$100.......:D
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    GST's ad is full of crap. There's no tritium sights, and no HP is a double action. Nor are the grips blue polymer.:rolleyes:
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    Maybe those are mods? (Ducks quickly)
  12. Checked with GST and they agreed that the add contained an error. Both guns were indeed the same - and now there is only one add on the site. I have looked around and have not really found any for sale at a great price yet. Anyway, thanks to all for your help. I am sure I will find one.
  13. find one local and don't pay a penny over 175 NIB OTD. If you look around you ought be able to pick one up for 100 bucks used.

    I personally don't mind paying 10 or 15 bucks extra to buy NIB and convenient to make happen. My time is worth something.
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    In california, $200 out the door for a c9 is considered normal.

    I don't know about used ones.

    Best of luck.

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