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  1. CharlieOne

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    So, I went to buy some 9mm rounds for a 995 around Christmas time for my roommate (did not own a hi point yet, but he did and still does).

    They told me I needed to be 21.

    So I shrugged it off and bought 9mm rounds from places that would sell me them. Like gun shops, and Bass Pro shops, and... everywhere else.

    My cousin was up from florida and tried to buy some 9mm rounds for herself, and came back and informed me that now you supposedly need a pistol permit to buy 9mm rounds.

    What gives? Nowhere gives trouble like wal mart does. Everywhere else, it's an ID that says i'm 18, and if it comes to it, me telling them I have a Hi-Point 995 9mm rifle.
  2. Ari

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    Where are you located?

  3. CharlieOne

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    Central New York.
  4. Ari

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    Here in Washington I do not think you would have that problem
  5. i think new york is unique in its gun/ammo laws...just a guess.
  6. ab4ka

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    At my local Walmart (Florida) you have to be 21 to purchase handgun ammo, which is what they consider 9mm. The register actually asks if the purchaser is over 21, and of course they can't lie to the cash register. Thankfully I haven't had to worry about being 21 for quite some time now ;)
  7. Joe Sixpack

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    can tell them its to be used in a rifle, the 995 is classified as a rifle.

    may or may not work depending.

    personally i think 21yo laws are BS, you're an adult at 18, with all legal responsibilities, you can't drink but you can enlist, be sent to war and die.

    this country needs sorted out it's become twisted.
  8. CharlieOne

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    And you can kill for your country, but not own a pistol.


    And yeah, i've tried telling them it's for a rifle. They never listen.
  9. Here's the thing: buy Remington UMC. The UPC at the central Wal-Mart distribution place was initially entered as "pistol only", while the UMC was entered with the "is this for a rifle or pistol" option. One way to get around it.
  10. I, too, live in Central NY and have the same problem with 9mm. I think that it's a Walmart policy, as I can buy anywhere else (except the City of Syracuse) without a pistol permit. At about $150 for a permit, I think I'll spend the extra $2-3 per 100 at the local Army/Navy store.
  11. Its a company thing, not a state thing. I just came from WallyWorld and had a new kid ringing me up. His trainer was telling him about how its company policy to not sell pistol ammo to anyone under 21.

    I was joking with the trainer what happens if the 9mm is for a carbine and he said "Buy an AR if you want a carbine".
  12. +1 Joe

    In PA you need to be 21 to purchase handgun ammo so you could tell them it's for a rifle.
  13. rodka

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    here at wal-mart they always ask if its for a pistol or rifle and if you say rifle you can buy at 18.
  14. Joe Sixpack

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    you know if i did'nt think i'd just end up in prison i thought about bringing a gun into wal mart and plop it on the counter and say i need ammo for this.

    the reason i say that is the wal-mart i goto almost everyone is totally clueless only 1 person i know who actually works in that department most times i have to wait and ask and wait and ask for someone to be paged to maybe please if i drop to my knees and preform some sort of unspeakable act and begg maybe someday sometime possibly get someone back here so i can buy some *%$#@ ammo.

    it's BS and i know the store makes money from their ammo sells cause their sold out of 9mm almost always!

    I call it the forgotten department.. if you ever wanted to shoplift that would be the perfect department cause i often sit back there for 20-30 mins at a time waiting on someone to show up after asking the electronics to get someone over there several times.

    the funny thing is more then once when they did show up they start looking for the key and usually first place they look is under the counter below the register, like that would be a pretty bad place to store the key with the lock being 5 feet behind you.

    when they finally do find the key i'll tell them what im looking for and they'll be staring right at the ammo, move it aside as if lookign for it..

    im like its' right in front of you moron.

    [/rant off]
  15. rodka

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    plus 1 on what joe sixpack said one time i waited 30 minutes and no one so i started looking around and could not find anyone, wal mart service kind of sucks.
  16. NH here,
    Walmart, I believe is 21. They ask for "NH drivers license" for any gun/ammo.
  17. When I buy ammo at WalMart and no one is in sporting goods, I just walk back to the rifle/ammo case, pick up the phone, and dial O--& ask for someone.

    Once I did that 3 times in 5 minutes. Whoever was on the loudspeaker was pretty pissed: "Is there anybody able to go to sporting goods?!"

    Usually, I pass someone on the way back and ask them to get me assistance.
  18. Sorry, my bad, they weren't pi**ed, they were h-a-c-k-e-d!

    Anybody got that list of filtered words yet?
  19. Yep. You can't say:

  20. Indiana they only ask for a drivers lisense to prove your 21 in Illinois (I live on the border) you either have to show and FOID (Firearm Owner ID) card if your from Illinois or an Indiana drivers license (Indiana does not require any FOID, just a permit to carry if you so choose).