9mm reloading experiments

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  1. littledog

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    Started reloading for my 995 TS. Picked 2 bullets Hornady 124 grain xtp and Remington 124 jhp 2 types of brass once fired Remington with a case length of .744 and Starline with a case length of .751. Loaded 5 rounds of each bullet in to both types of brass. 20 total for each charge level of Power pistol. I did 3 levels of charge. In all 3 loads the Remington jhp ran 40 to 45 fps faster then the Hornaday xtp . No little or no change between the types of brass. Stopped below max at 1374fps with the Remington 124 grain jhp showed signs of good accuracy. next step load 50 and ck groups
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    1374fps? Are you loading for Major? That must be so far above SAAMI pressure.
    I load up to X.Xgn of PP in my 9x19s, but you must be well above that.
    Be safe and careful.

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  3. SteveC

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    Power factor 170. That would be major!
  4. littledog

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    I am still .7 grains below max no signs of over presser. Getting a boost in fps from the longer carbine barrel.
  5. Dane

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    Is that FPS compared to a handgun? My understanding is with non-locking breech the longer barrel does little to help.
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    I'm using a middle load of power pistol with a 115g plated RN (shoot right at 1080-1100fps in a 4.25" barrel), and the last range outing I let someone else shoot the 995. I noticed a lot of flash coming out of the action, seems like the bolt was opening pretty quick... So I am guessing your either going to need a heavier spring to keep the bolt closed longer, or a very fast powder...

    I have been wanting to drive a 147 XTP as fast as possible, but worried about the bolt opening up too soon and letting the pressure out... I wonder if anyone has ever blocked the bolt shut and checked the speed difference on a standard load...
  7. littledog

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    Speer list this load at around 1100 in a 5 inch barrel . I always throw out the first shot in a string because it is always lower. I believe this is do to manually closing the bolt not the action closing the bolt. As far as factory ammo this is what I have for my 995ts carbine. Remington 115 FMJ at 1230 FPS Magtech 124 FMJ at 1215 ZQI 123 FMJ nato at 1362 and Winchester 147 FMJ at 1056 Shoot 5 score 4
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  8. Herman

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    Nice. I did the same with my new 4095. Worked up 7 different loads, 5 rounds each in increments with 155gr XTP and 155 gr Montana Gold HP. Getting between 1387-1397 fps. No real difference in velocity between the two bullets.

    I also have some mild loads I used for some pistol steel shoots. Those are 180 gr CMJ going about 980 fps and just make a thump sound when shot.