9mm revolver

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  1. minidriver

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    Anyone have anything constructive to say about the Taurus 9mm revolver? Have been toying with it as a bug for my pt111. I realize clips are required for the rounds. But that is a small penalty for allowing me to share ammo with the pt111, wife's P99, and my 995.
  2. Hmmm.

    Honestly, I would rather get a used Ruger Blackhawk in a convertible that uses 9mm or 38spcl/357mag.

    Two cylinders, your choice of ammo.

    If you hunt around, you could find one around 350 or so but it will take osme hunting.

    I just got a Cimarron 45LC/45acp convertible SAA clone and its mighty enjoyable.

  3. Ari

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    I have been told the clips that hold the rounds are a real pita...
  4. NicNight

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    That Taurus 9mm revolver has always been interesting to me. Problem is I haven't been able to find one here in Michigan. My other Taurus pistols are fine weapons, I would expect the 9mm revolver to be a nice pistol as well. Let me know if you end up with one.
  5. Dreamthief

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    that 905 is on my list big time...
  6. Jokey

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    I doubt if you need clips, the cartridges are probably located by the front lip of the brass not a c-clip.

    I bought a ruger 357/9mm blackhawk and honestly I usually only shoot the rimmed cartidges through it. I thought it would be nice for back up and test gun to shoot 9 mm reloads. The reality isnt the same as the idea.