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    I had a quick question to throw out. I'm currently an active duty soldier that will be deployed to Iraq in the near future. I wanted to buy a new pistol to have for my wife to keep at our residence for self-protection for her and our baby when I'm gone. I'm torn between the 9mm and .45. She's a very small girl, but I've had her shoot a Glock .45 before and she did fine. I'm familiar w/ the stopping power a .45 produces, but I'm also familiar w/ the higher rate of fire of the 9mm. We have been trained on both and I prefer the .45, but I've heared the hi-point .45 has a significant amount of recoil compared to say, a glock. Out of the hi-point arms, should I get her the 9mm or the .45?
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    Two words... Hand size. You already know everything (probably more) than I could tell you about calibers. I own one of each and they're equally dependable so it's a wash there. But the .45 is a large handgun, so if she's a "small girl" the JHP just might be too much to hold from both a size and weight standpoint. See my sig pic for comparison.

    Beyond that, please don't hand her any handgun and deploy. One of my customer's husband did just that to her last month. "Honey, I'm going to Afghanastan, here's a gun. Protect yourself." Additionally, any handgun you purchase will need a break-in and familiarization period. With a Hi-Point, 250-500 rounds will break it in. How long it takes her to get used to it is entirely up to her. And if she's not entirely comfortable with it in a controlled atmosphere like a range, she either won't or won't know how to use it in an emergency.

    If training time is short, I would recommend an 18" shotgun (like the Mossberg 500 HS410) or a nice revolver of at least .38 caliber.

    Good luck with her gun, good luck with your deployment and thank you for serving your country.

  3. The best home defense weapon IMO is a shoot gun. For easy to aim even in stress situation. But to answer your question, in between 9mm and .45, go with a 45(if and only if she is comfortable fire in it.) Home defense situation usually come down to few shots. So unless she willing to fire warning shots to scare off the intruders. .45 is better way to go.

    That being said, have you think over a 40? It is a very good alternative for choosing in between 9mm and .45. It hold about the same amount of capacity as 9mm and closer stopping power as .45.

    Info from wiki:

    Bullet weight/type Velocity Energy
    9mm 9.5 g (147 gr) FMJ 980 ft/s (300 m/s) 326 ft•lbf(442 J)
    .40s&w 180 gr (12 g) JHP 1,000 ft/s (300 m/s) 400 ft•lbf (540 J)
    .45acp 230 gr (15 g) JHP 900 ft/s (270 m/s) 414 ft•lbf (561 J)

    Wish you the best luck over sea. And thank you for fighting for our country.
  4. I would have to say to go with the C9.
    If she has to either carry or hold onto your little one then she will only have 1 free hand & the 9mm is easier to controll.
    As for an intruder. If she even fires a shot they will most likely flee in panic at the thought of anybody with a gun that has already fired at them.

    Stay safe overseas. Keep your head down & wear your body armor!!
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    thanks for info

    thank you all for your info and personal advice, it is very appreciated and will be taken into consideration. I will have ample amount of time to be able to train her, one of the many benefits of being in the service, ecspecially w/ my MOS. I will actually be able to introduce her to many shooting environments, including a shoot house which will be very "real time" training. One thing we are huge on in the Army, is weapon safety and being properly trained. I might just run her through a little training on both, and see which one she gets acclomated to better. Once again, I appreciate the advice each of you have provided. I'm sure I will have more questions for you in the future.
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    Just my 0.02,
    The best pistol is the one she feels comfortable with. I have tested every caliber you can think of (I am a physicist and have worked with a ballistics team for a major ammo company who I am bound by a gag order not to name) and we have found that from .380 to .40 to 10mm it really makes little difference. The best firearm is the one she can hit with under stress and feels confident in using. Personally, I have a CF380 and have data to show it gives me all firepower I need. Mainly, however, it is comfortable and I have confidence in my ability ot wield it. I would say let her choose what she wants. Be it a .380 or a 10 mm (22LR may even be an option). Let people say what they want, but he science shows there is not a drastic difference between rounds at self defense ranges. Again, just my 0.02.


    P.S. Thank you for your service. My prayers and meditations are with you until you retun home.
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    Thank you very much for the info, and also for the prayers and meditation, we can use all the prayers and meditation we can get!

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    First off sir Thank you for serving. Now to get to the nitty gritty to all out here it don't make a darn bit of difference if you use a 9mm or 45 cal both shoot and if you hit someone they will know they have been hit and will in all probability either leave if they can or drop to the ground and die. To say a 45 is better then a 9 is pure Hogwash. WHATEVER you use will stop someone if shot placement is in the correct area even right down to a .22 caliber. My best advise take her to the range and try each caliber and weapon out and see what SHE feels comfortable shooting.

    Good luck keep your head down and your powder dry :wink:
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    How easy is it to procure such hi-point pistols in your neck of the woods? Has your wife ever shot a .45 or 9mm?
    Welcome to the forum, and hey check this out:
    It's your welcome to HPFF present!
  10. welcome to the forum and thank you for the service you do. i agree that lyou should let her decide what gun fits her best. and my prayers go with you too.
  11. Get the biggest firearm she can handle comfortably. My wife has slender hands, and even my CF380 feels big to her (same size as the C9) but she can shoot it fine since I put the Hogue Handall on it. I prefer her to shoot a .45 though over her PT111 MilPro-- The .45 seems to have less over peetration and a higher rate of PTBGOHA (placing the ad guy on his *ss) with the least shots--

    She will be served well with either-- You may look more into a revolver-- especially something like a Taurus, Rossi, or Charter-- a snubbie .38 loaded with +p rounds on a makes a perfect bedside gun-- just point and shoot--

    Good luck on your "trip" and hurry back home to your wife and baby-- You have my prayers and support!
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    From a two tour VN vet. Good luck buddy, and keep your head down.
    On the handgun, you just can't beat a .45 ACP. As long as SHE is comfortable with it. My mom used to walk cans with my Dad's 1911. My wife loves my C9.
    Best safty for her would be some sort of training. At least NRA basic pistol would help. Then for fun (If you have time) try IDPA shooting. Heck she might even love it and when you get back whip you good on the range. heh heh.
    One advantage of the c9, the ammo is cheeper. And the C9 will handle the +P ammo with no problem. And it's heavy enough so that the recoil isn't all that bad. Even with "heavy" loads.
    So I guess I would suggest that she try each one on, and get what fits.
    Take care Bro...
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    From a form er guardsmen who never saw combat . Thank you all for your svc to the only country I love. Thank you for keeeping us free. Stay safe come home in uninjured condition. You folks are always in our prayers.
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    I echo alot of sentiments here: Thank you for your service.
    On top of that, yes, make sure that she is farmilliar with the pistol that SHE decides upon.
    As far as caliber? It goes right back to the one she is farmiliar and can shoot it well. Same thing goes with type of pistol: Auto, or wheelgun.
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