9mm vs 9mm comp

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    Which one is best?
  2. Depends on what you mean by "best". The comp offers a rail for laser, light, or whatever. Also comes standard with the larger magazine. The compensator doesn't seem to be as effective as one might expect, based on owner feedback. I'm not sure Average Joe would be able to tell a dramatic difference between the two for accuracy. I've actually seen a few examples where the owner has taken the comp off and shortened the barrel, not sure why exactly.

    I held out for about two weeks waiting for a C9 comp then decided to get the compact. Glad I did. I'll never hang a Surefire from the rail on the C9 anyhow. And the extended mag, while nice, isn't that important to me. Money saved is money earned.

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    I was wondering of accuracy.
  4. what is accuracy?

    I have two C9's and at 5-7 yards, taking my time, I can shoot holes. At 25 yards, I'm not so good. But, a compact isn't intended to snipe at 25 yards. For plinking it's good and if you're gonna carry, in the range of typical usage, you'll have more issues with you shooting than the gun being "accurate".

    Just my 2 cents - I love my C9's as do others.
  5. I have the C9 Compact and like it, its also the most accurate 9mm I own due to the fixed barrel. The added length of the Comp model was not desired because at the time I was driving a Jeep Wrangler and the Comp model would not fit in the glove box. The C9 Compact fits in all my vehicles glove boxes and consoles, so it makes a very good truck/car gun. Glove box and console loaded carry, provided the lid has a latch, is legal in SC even if you do not have a CWP.
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    I have the comp model in 380 and love it