9mm Wolf/Tula

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by Glock19Fan, May 15, 2014.

  1. Glock19Fan

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    Has anyone tried steel cased ammo out of their C9? I have successfully shot Wolf and Tula through my other weapons but I was curious how it typically runs in Hi Points, specifically the C9?
  2. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    been covered half a bazillion times. yes alot of people have used it. it works great for some people, doesnt work well for others. only way you'll know how it works in your particular gun, is to try it. thats the short summary of every time this question gets asked.

  3. Glock19Fan

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    I didnt see anything on it at least in the last month in this forum so I figured I would ask. Thanks though, I figured I would ask because I know certain types of firearms typically with with a brand of ammo and was curious if Hi Point was one that was typically good or if it varied from gun to gun. I will try them out next time I hit the range and report back. I would assume that a straight blow back firearm wouldnt have troubles with it though
  4. talon

    talon the banned wagon

    you really never know. people have been able to shoot the crappiest of ammo with no issues, some have issues with more expensive stuff....its all a matte of what YOUR particular gun will like or not. ''results will vary''.
  5. planosteve

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    My 4595 will shoot it fine, just 4 inches low at 25 yds, my Ruger SR45 does not like cheap commie ammo at all. About every 3rd round would not fully chamber.
  6. Glock19Fan

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    True, I hope it does. I also want to try out some hollow points because as of now I just keep FMJ loaded because I already know it works. I polished up the feed ramp and keep it pharmaceutically grade clean and oiled to take out any chances of it malfunctioning for non ammo/operator reasons.
  7. herbd

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    My c-9 shoots it fine, so does my Taurus tcp-380.just keep gun magazine and feed ramp oiled up and check once ln a while for gouging damage. Talon is right articles like this are in the archives.
  8. bws

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    I've run it through my C9 and my XD-9, I like it for target practice.
  9. bigfrank330

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    Works fine in my C9 and 995 carbines

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    Steel cased ammo seems to do just fine in both of my C9's, so I would say yes, it runs in that particular pistol well.
  11. RobbK

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    Or you know you could have used the search function.
  12. I have shot tula in my .45 without issues its just very dirty and the burnt powder smells funny...i like brass max better.
  13. Glock19Fan

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    Or you could contribute an intellegent reply.

    Or you could read my message and see that I stated I had searched for over a month back which IMO could justify a new thread.