9x18 in phoenix?

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    any phoenix, az guys know where i can get 9x18 fmj in the valley? no +P or hollow points, my gun wont take em. I've looked at a few places in the valley and cant seem to located any, or , its at an extremely high price. anyone know???? thanks
  2. Don't you have any gunshows in your area?

    I picked up 4 boxes of Wolf 9x18 for $9.99/50

  3. base871,

    I like to shoot 95gr Winchester or Federal FMJ in my 9x18 Bulgarian Makarov and after talking with several of my local shops one agreed to stock the Winchester brand. This may be an option if you know your local shop folks pretty well.

    Besides that, order in bulk (500+ rds) from any of the online places and you wont have to worry about "finding" ammo for your pistol.

    I know this did not answer your specific question but being a big fan of the 9x18 Makarov caliber I know first hand what its like trying to find ammo for my pistols.
  4. I have never had a problem finding it here locally, except that Wal-Mart doesn't carry it. Most other shops have it all the time though.
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    Sportsmansguide.com seems to have it regularly. Wolf 115 gr stuff. Usually @ $8.99/ 50 when bought in bulk of 250 +

    It is a tougher round to find and the reason I got a HP C9. I'll save my Makarov for "special occasions". :twisted:
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    well, i know whos got the best deals on online stuff, just curious whos got it in town, just in case i just want, well 50 rds real quick. the only place i found has wwb, but at 19.50 a box ill pass. thanks tho!
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    try lonewolf in peoria they might have it
  8. I bought a 1,000 rd case of S&B 9x18 for $150 otd at a shop last week,,,
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    you cant beat that price! i managed to find a place that has fiocchi 9x18 today, 19 bucks a box though. but i broke down and got it.
  10. Guy is going out of business...probably won't find anymore at that price...got 1,600 rds of 9x18 now.