A $9 holster for my C9?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Pistols' started by daveindenver, Apr 4, 2020.

  1. daveindenver

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    Well I thought about that but I did not want my Hi-Point to look ugly. :D
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    I prefer the Kydex Style of holster. If it works, keep it. TRAIN with it and see if you're alright with it, you can quickly draw it, it doesn't come off when you do, the stitches aren't ripping (it looks like its made over seas, not slammin, just an observation) and that you're okay with crossing over your body for a magazine reload.

    If not, try something else.

  3. ^^^​
    Ships from
    China, China
    "Received incorrect item. contacted seller.
    no offer to exchange or refund money."

    I guess cheap chinese slave-made ripoffs aren't quite as cheap as they used to be.
    Good luck returning one of these garbage $5 holsters to china after it starts falling apart less than a month later.

    I helped an older family friend learn to use ebay for the first time several years back. Straight away he orders some rubbish like this from china. When he eventually gets it and sees what a worthless piece of deceptively described shit it is, he wants me to help handle the return. Which is of course pointless, but I at least tried to communicate with the scammy seller. Thanks to subsidies from their government and our USPS, it is practically free for them to ship their toxic ripoffs here.

    These tech savvy chinese sellers sure love to pretend that they barely speak english as soon as you bring up any issue, despite the abundance of translation software out there which they all know about when it suits them. They also love to alternately lie and ignore you as they laugh all the way to the bank, go figure.

    As soon as they rack up too much bad feedback, these dishonest junk peddlers just switch to one of their hundreds of other seller profiles. They have many tricks to game the system and build up 'good' feedback. And ebay doesn't care a lick since they already got their cut of the deal, times several billion.
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    What do you want? Quality for $5?
  5. Quavodus

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    Does it fit a C9?
  6. 2000man

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    fits ok its an inside the waist band design but i just use it as a "case" the bungee strap is not so good but i only paid $3 so buy it or dont i promptly threw away that slip on grip it kept slipping on the grips
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  8. daveindenver

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    P1050714.JPG This is my latest cheep-o experiment.
    It is IWB but since I will just use it when at an open field target range I will just slip is between by belt and jeans. I have not field tested it with a lot of walking, sitting, bending and squatting messing with targets. I am thinking its soft semi-flexible material (not hard ridged) will not push the mag release like before.


    FYI... yes you need to snip a bit of stitching as described in the directions for a full frame like the C9.
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  9. Upcountry Jim

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    I've got a leather belt slide holster that I find fits my C9 quite well. Haven't tried actually carrying concealed yet, but we'll see how that goes.
  10. daveindenver

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