A Ace Folding Stock on a Hi point 995!

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Chef Dennis, Oct 23, 2007.

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    Ok, most of you have seen my top railed ATI'd 995. Well It is still is apart and i am thinkin i might chop it up and add a ACE Folding stock to it! not too sure how to go about this, but i am looking at a few pictures and tryin to figure it out.

    I think i might take the folder off of my XCR and see how I would have to chop up the ATI and make mounting brackets from there.

    Any ideas or maybe a few parts that any of you might knpw about would be appreciated.

    And if any of you are well versed in Photoshop and can put together a picture of something like this, id appreciate seen that too!
  2. s0b3

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    For my daewoo, I bought a cheap Tapco AK folder and cut it down and dremeled out a channel to fit the receiver:


    It might be worth buying this cheap stock ($25 used) and then cutting it. It's a polymer so it's easy to work with and there's a lot of "meat" on the end that attaches so you can work with it.

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    Go for it!

    Yes! Go for something different and unique. The ATI stock is sooo stale as it is the only commercial aftermarket stock and it is a ripoff of Beretta (Yes, I have one on my 995 but only because there are no other options).

    Be sure and post some pics of your project!
  4. Chef Dennis

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    Thats the kind of input i am lookin for! Thanks! And that toy looks good too!
  5. I'm drooling right now.
    However I want to modify the factory stock.
  6. Re: Go for it!

    I second that! It's the custom projects here that I really like, and the more custom, the better.
  7. Chef Dennis

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    I can't see anyway of attaching a folder to the factory stock since it is 2 piece and hollow. but imagination is the mother of invention! go for it!

    Ok, My bad!! After looking at the factory stock i have laying here, If you really wanted to add a folder, you could do it.you would have to cut it off maybe a 1/2" behind the Bulkhead or 'bolt stop inisde the stock. you might have to go a bit further back with your cut to retaun the screw that holds the stock halves together, but that shouldn't be an issue, You then would have to add some type of "material to fill the hole that is left. then using a dremil tool work the area to accept tha mounting block for the folder. not too bad, but a bunch of work.

    Once you have the hole filled, you then would have to drill it for the mounting screws and then cut the added material in half along the same lines of the factory stock halves. Then drill maybe 2 perside, small shallow holes to secure the filler to the stock halves.

    Like I said it can be done, just alot of work.

    BUT, The ATI stock will work with not much work at all!

    So anyione have a ATI stick that they want to sell cheap??

    Or maybe BENNY would like to "donate" 1 for the project!?? Hey you can't blame a guy for asking!! :p

    In all seriousness, if any of you have an ATI you want to part with on the cheap, I am a buyer!!
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    Hmmm! How about a kit to convert a 995 into an AK clone?
  9. Ari

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    The stock stocks on the daewoo were pretty cool!
  10. I did some fairly close measuring and lay up of other stocks I had. I haven't done it yet because I am not sure whats underneath the brace piece inside the stock and so far like the ATI enough to not start a revamp project on one. I suspect it could be done, I planned on using a AK to Ar stock adpater either epoxied or bolted in the rear opening of the stock.

    I suspect you would have to use a short stock or its going to significantly lengthen the pull because of the length you have to leave for the receiver and a place to mount a stock.

    If you do it definitely keep us posted on it.

    (Love the Daewoo s0b3, I passed one up for $500 and still kick myself)

    Here is a couple shopped pics I did when I was thinking about it before.



  11. s0b3

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    If you chop up the ATI and find a cavity, you could always fill it up with marine epoxy before mounting the stock. Here's a website that shows Glock grip reductions where they fill the backstrap channel with it and then start grinding until they get it the way they want it. I'm not that ballsy to do that but it's cool. Any if that marine epoxy is good enough to use as glock frame replacement polymer, then I assume it would be good enough for this project.

    Yeah I heard stories about the Daewoos when they were first imported, people couldn't give them away. People assumed they were another AR knockoff. Now with all the attention give to a gas piston AR15 system, it's good to know I have one already that works ;)


  12. My brother Woodie owns a boat refurbishing business on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I have seen that Marine epoxy at work. Let me tell you that it's some hard stuff. In fact, we used that same stuff to fill the stock on my CVA Bobcat .50 Cal muzzleloader as it's a hollow composite stock on it. It reduced the recoil on that weapon 80% at least. It also added about 5 pounds to the total weight. Weighing in at 5 pounds oringinally, that's not that bad. That think kicked like a mule. I can take the butt pad off the muzzle loader and take pics if you guys would like to see details.
  13. i would like to see it because i own a similer weapon i have thought about doing that to not exactly that but something