A BAAHHH! weekend

Discussion in 'Gun Reviews and Range Reports' started by RedBird94, Feb 2, 2015.

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    So I had big plans and ammo to go to the range, sight in my 4595 and new scope. I'm packing things up, calling my range buddy (my brother) getting ready to leave. Well not so fast. I was on call for work this past weekend and at 11:45 am I get the call. A run to a facility 20 miles away. Oh well, close by, easy delivery, no problem. Not so fast, half way there I get another call to a facility and hour away from the first one. Long story made short, I got home at 5:30. Range day shot. Called the brother, maybe we'll catch an hour or two free time Sunday. Nope. 16" of snow later, I don't get back out of the driveway till noon today. Maybe next weekend........ I hope.:(
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    Boo!...... At least you made some OT to buy new bullets!