A ballad of every american gun owner

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  1. Here it is so everyone can see. I like this alot.


  2. I did not sumit a vote for the simple fact that I dont think this is only something a White man and White man only is angry about.

    Regardless of Race or Creed there are people like this all over the planet!!!!! I think we need more people like this in my honest opinion!!!!!!!!
  3. freedom

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    I did vote and I agree. There need to be more people that are angry with this stuff.
    And angry with political correctness.
  4. I agree with stryker1.

    I have to say I just deleted the word white in my mind. the second time I read it. I am white but this applies to all races and creeds in my opinion.
  5. I totally agree with it that this is a situation that goes beyond the boundaries of race and creed. Truth is truth people, and this guy put it out there for what it was worth.
  6. I also voted agree and have no qualms with the title either.

    It is true that this issue crosses lines of race and creed.
    I am however not known for being politically correct and I have no issues with defining myself as a white man.
    Every group in this country celebrates their identity whether it be cultural or otherwise. I do likewise.

    I do not accept bigotry in any form.
    We are who we are, all of us.
  7. I love this letter. It's speak nothing but the truth. Now, I'm Hispanic.... well, some French an some Spaniard mixed in but both parents were born in Mexico and came over here legally and are now citizens. But I consider myself 100% American. I disassociated with Hispanic or Latino groups cause they embrace the victim attitude... I am not a victim. I work, I pay taxes, I own guns, I make stuff with my hands, and I loath everything Hillary stands for.

    This is going on my cellphone so I can read it when I need a pick-me-up. Together with the constitution, bill of rights, and some select biblical scriptures.
  8. Angry american

    You know it occurs to me that I bet this applies to a lot of angry American women too of all hues. I myself can not go back beyond 2 generations am an off shade of beige depending on the tan at that time and in those two generations am told I can count numerous races. I guess I am just an angry, gun owning American taxpayer. But I am angry.
  9. Re: Angry american

    That's where it's at.
    American first, anything else comes after that.

    An Irish-American, an Asian-American, an English-American, a German-American, a Polish-American, an African-American?

    And worst of all, politically speaking, a Native-American?!

    Regardless of where we all come from, we are ALL just plain AMERICANS!!!

    I can claim decendancy from several of these groups, Native, Irish and German to name the top 3, but am I a Hyphenated - American? HELL NO!!!


    I don't give a SHAT where you come from, it's all about WHERE YOU CALL HOME!

    'Nuff Said!
  11. Strangerous

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  12. English,French,Irish, dad's side. German on mom's side.American on both sides.
  13. I'm a card carrying member of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. That means by blood I'm lawfully an Indian. By birth I'm an American (thank GOD!!). By choice I'm a Texan.

    I don't care if people say things like " I'm an American of German descent" and so forth. Its good to be proud of your roots. However, you ain't German, you are an American.

    Let's say you are fresh off the boat from Germany (I mean yesterday too, not your great granddad). Then you aren't German-American. You're German. If you are granted citizenship, then you are an AMERICAN who claims German descent. Its not rocket science.

    Political correctness is destroying this country. Of course the trial lawyers and STUPID law makers have had a little to do with it as well.

    So basically I'm a very angry American.

    P.S. May Andrew Jackson burn in hell. :twisted: Sorry, that was the Indian in me creeping out. :p
  14. Very well said Primal that is one thing that really boils my blood.
  15. Now that is very well said indeed.
  16. Love the article, and all the notes written here.

    Makes be very happy to have found, and proud to be part of this family.

    I'm an angry white guy as defined by the note and I wish we could all just be real and take are of ourselves and each other in enabling ways. Few weekends go by where I'm NOT the minority in my own home - my kids have friends of all flavors and I love each of them as my own. We made our home the place kids want to be - lots to do, and NO tolerance on wrong behaviors. Contrary to what some may believe, kids want this type of environment - not the opposite.

    Sorry, I'm rambling..... I just wish all this crap would stop.
  17. Sounds liike a nice place Newskate9

    Sounds like your kids are fortunate. Nice to hear about that type of thing vice the news we are inundated with. Sorry that is the angry part coming out.
  18. Jag

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    Well, here's my take:

    For what it's worth (maybe some, maybe none), here's my take on this:

    I believe that everyone in this nation has the right to live their life as they choose. This includes having their own opinions and being able to choose their own path in life. If this means that they want to be liberal Democrats who choose to live an alternative lifestyle (be it homosexual, hippie, criminal, etc.), then that is their choice and I will always be willing to sacrifice my own life for their right to their own free will/decisions. However, there are a couple of things that should be noted along with this fact...

    If a person makes a choice and that choice ends up having negative consequences, then the person should have to deal with them--NOT TELL THE REST OF SOCIETY THAT WE'RE ALL RESPONSIBLE FOR HIS/HER OWN INEPTITUDE! Secondly, if a person's choices end up interfering with another person's safety/livelihood/right-to-make-own-life-decisions, then this person has crossed the definitive line wherein he/she has given up all rights on their part to have other people stay out of their lives. Without intervention (i.e., a law-abiding citizen shooting a criminal in self-defense, a group of people banding together to force a greedy politician out of office, a parent/guardian/friend interfering in a child's right to choose what to do with their own life when those choices include getting involved in criminal activities, etc.), the choices of such a person, whether good-intentioned or not, will cause harm to other people. In such a case, someone should intervene to stop the other person(s) from causing such harm to others. For example, say a person chooses to start taking drugs/alcohol/tobacco products on a regular basis or chooses to lead an alternative lifestyle like being a homosexual. If the person smokes/drinks/gets high or pursues this lifestyle within the confines of his/her home and personal life, so be it. It is not for others to force him/her to change; the only person anyone can change is themselves. However, say the person uses a mind-altering substance and gets behind the wheel of a car or joins a special interest group that demands that their own little minority gets special priveleges just for "being who we are" and that other people have to give them time/money/support simply because they are "underpriveleged." At that point, the person should be arrested/eliminated for being a physical public threat and either removed from politics or barred from ever having any control in a governmental sector ever again. Is this point a little clearer now (I hope, at least)?...

    In summary, + infinity to all the comments here. The truth that is written in this article IS FOR EVERYONE! Dang it, if people could just see this, 75% of our problems as a nation/society would disappear--but, alas, this may just be my wishful thinking, no? :( :evil: :evil:

    But, as long as there are still a few folks out there like the ones we have here on this forum, there is hope for the "higher values" in life...perhaps the others who do not see this truth need to be shown the path through some aggressive negotiations?...


    :twisted: :twisted:
    :lol: :lol: :lol:

    ...just kidding...

    Have a good one! Later!

    Jag 8)