A Benefit of Living Across The Pond

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  1. You can impress damn near any gun-dealer here lol.
    Yes, there are gun dealers, but naturally, many have never handled anything that an average American can. Sure, they can tell you all about shotguns and various bolt and a certain number of mag-fed hunting rifles, but bring up anything about "assault" weapons, .50 cals, suppressors, etc. etc. then it's like you're telling them their favorite story.

    Case in point, there was an airgun dealer (yes, they are actually called dealers here lol) at the local market, and I was just puttering around and popped in to check out a couple of the airguns. They were selling a Colt M4-style airgun and it was actually really well made, so I was looking at it, and the guy comes over and asks, "You ever handle one like that before?" and I was like, "Yup, I got an actual Colt M4 back home." Normally my accent gives it away, but he was amazed, he was like, "Oh my God mate, HOW?" and I said, "I went into the store, bought it, and walked out." Hehehehe.
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    * chuckle *

    I don't care where you're from that's funny right there....;)

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    funny, but kinda sad in a way.......but i'm over it! Damn Brits, lettin the gubment take all their rights and stuff.:D
  4. Did you tell him you can buy the air gun hes selling for $40 at wally world with your parent or when your 16?

    Christ a knife guy over there would probably be amazed if you said you owned a REAL USMC KA-BAR
  5. Yup, and it's funny because the airguns he was selling were pretty spendy; the one I was holding was over 300 quid (about $500).
    Don't get me wrong, most of the ones he was selling were pretty well-made, but there were a few I wouldn't use to hammer a bent nail with that were selling for well over $100. I just thought at the time he was inflating the price like nuts, but I looked in some other places and his prices were on the low side of average it seems.
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    I'm sure he has to pay at least $60 in fees, registration, recordkeeping, and assorted headaches per "gun"
  7. $60? Please, that's the basic tax on a child looking at a piece of candy here, it's at the very least double or triple that. :p
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    You don't even have to cross the ocean. Just go to California, New York, or Chicago Il and you can regale them with stories about your collection that may be unremarkable in free states.
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    Shocking that a FREE man can actually buy a functional weapon to protect the U.S. constitution. Any government that bans firearms FEARS its own people.
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    Candy? Candy? Bloke kids wont know what candy is. They call them sweets.;)