A BIG Loss for the HOME TEAM

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  1. ...shaking my head.......

    Road rage leads to high-speed chase and shootout in east Orange County
    One driver was taking daughters to school, deputies said

    Walter Pacheco

    Sentinel Staff Writer

    11:21 AM EST, February 20, 2008

    A road-rage incident in east Orange County this morning between two motorists ended in a high-speed chase and a shootout near an elementary school.

    Orange County Sheriff's Office deputies arrested Louis A. Davis, 40, and Victor Vilchez, 44, reports show. Davis was taking his daughters, ages 6 and 11, to school when he started firing at Vilchez. No one was injured in the shooting that ended a few blocks from Chickasaw Elementary School.

    Agency spokesman Deputy Carlos Padilla said one driver faces charges of aggravated battery. Charges were not available on the other motorist.

    Initial reports show that sometime before 8:20 a.m., Davis was driving his white Honda behind Vilchez's blue and white Econoline van on Egan Drive, just west of Goldenrod Road.

    "Davis felt the van was going too slow, so he tried to pass him. But Vilchez started to speed up. Both drivers then started racing down Egan Drive," Padilla said. "When they got to Autumnvale Drive, Davis overtook the van. The driver of the van then rear-ended the Honda."

    That's when the bullets started flying.

    Davis pulled out a gun, while his daughters were in the vehicle, and started firing rounds at the van. Vilchez pulled out his gun and fired back, deputies said. Davis stopped at a home on Garwood Drive and dropped off his daughters. He then continued to pursue Vilchez through the neighborhood.

    Padilla said Davis spotted the van and started to shoot. The van then crashed into a passing vehicle.

    Sheriff's reports show that deputies recovered a 45 calibre Taurus semi-automatic and a 38 calibre Keltec automatic. Davis and Vilchez had valid permits to carry a concealed weapon, Padilla said.

    The chase and shootout left residents and deputies in shock.

    "I saw two deputy cruisers speed by and the deputies yelling, 'Get in! Get in!'," said an eyewitness who was about to drop her daughter off at school.

    Deputies called the high-speed chase and shootout "unbelievable."

    "This is a residential street with pedestrian traffic. It's a nice neighborhood with kids and families," Padilla said. "Even in law-enforcement, this is quite shocking to us."
  2. Yeah, that really makes gun owners in general look really good.

    Especially when the people that carry concealed are the ambassadors of the rest of us stay at home owners :shock:

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    I'll bet they're here legally too... :roll:
  4. :shock: :shock: :shock:

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    A Black guy and a Latino? This sort a thing goes on in Los Angeles all the time before they clamped down with gun control. Florida has a lot of guns and a lot more people carry there than most any other state, so ya this makes gun control look pretty good to your average White guy.
  6. First: they're both rectums.

    There's a bunch of sphincter behavior on the part of both parties prior to the point where it really gets out of hand. And that, of course, is where Mr. Davis starts shooting.

    So, the curious want to know: Does Mr. Davis have a CCW, or is he a casual citizen packing heat? That's not to say that normal peeps shouldn't carry under prescribed circumstances, but:

    The greater public argument right now is: Should citizens be allowed to carry concealed in many venues? The difference between CCW and casual carry is not clear in the mind of the general publc, and stories such as this may confuse the issue.

    Those who have been tested and screened should not be confused with the mass hoards who just plunk a gat in the console. And who need anger management training. And who (comment made without any prior knowldge of Mr. Davis' legal status) may be felons.
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  8. It appears that the system failed in their cases.

    Gun owners are trying to convince the general public that CCW's are the answer to college shootings, mall shootings etc and then these two putzes pull this crap! :x
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    Thing that gets me is that Mr. Davis had his young children in the car when he stared shooting. Of course the other guy did rear end him first. Why would anyone want to start a road race with their children in the car taking them to school. Having them in the car should be enough to make anyone want to back off a potentially dangerous situation like that. I bet right now that guy's is slamming himself for being so stupid. I know I would be. Back in my drinking days I've done some pretty stupid things, but I've been dry almost 20 years now and nothing's going to make me go back.
  10. Wow, getting into a road rage incident and your kids are along for the ride. That's class.

    I drive in Dallas traffic every day and somehow resist the urge to murder. People who engage in road rage incidents are Darwin Award nominees and should be eliminated from the human gene pool before they can spawn. Or is that too harsh? :twisted:
  11. No amount of background checks can identify if a person is an A-hole. These two knuckle heads very obviously are just that, A-holes. Both obviously knew right from wrong if both had legal permits.

    Maybe I'm a little out of the ordinary here on this but I find it rather odd how people are drawn only to the gun malfeasance while almost completely ignoring the more obvious issue of road rage. Joe Public sure finds odd ways to justify certain types of behavior while criminalizing other types that are often times many times less problematic, such as shooting at another motorist. Sure, that is extremely dangerous. But don't forget the root cause. And a little extra thought and research will immediately prove road rage is a far more serious problem than motorists shooting at each other while in transit.

    That said both these scumbags should be stripped of the CCW permits for a period of time and not be allowed to get them back without some serious, legitimate, anger management classes. Some will say they should never get them back and maybe they are right. But again we, as a society, continue to give drunks their drivers license back, and I'm about positive they kill more people a year than dueling motorists.
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  13. what kinda requirements does Florida have for ccw, qualification?
  14. Yes but people are not screaming for the removal of cars like they are weapons. Everytime something like this happens, it comes a little closer.

    Society is never going to get rid of cars, baseball bats, knives, etc but if enough of these numbnuts pull stunts like this, especially the ones that the gun community is trying to tout as the good guys with the white hats, the guns may well disappear someday.
  15. In Florida you have to take some sort of training class, get fingerprinted, and submit to a background check and wait. Not much qualifying with a weapon I simply had to fire a .22 revolver twice at a target about 5 feet away. I was a little scared watching some of the others in my class fire the gun and not knowing anything about how to handle a weapon and were about to get a permit to carry one.
  16. I thought I read somewhere where davis was an ex corrections officer. Really should have known better. Also heard where IF they are found guilty they will lose their CCW permits.