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No amount of background checks can identify if a person is an A-hole. These two knuckle heads very obviously are just that, A-holes. Both obviously knew right from wrong if both had legal permits.

Maybe I'm a little out of the ordinary here on this but I find it rather odd how people are drawn only to the gun malfeasance while almost completely ignoring the more obvious issue of road rage. Joe Public sure finds odd ways to justify certain types of behavior while criminalizing other types that are often times many times less problematic, such as shooting at another motorist. Sure, that is extremely dangerous. But don't forget the root cause. And a little extra thought and research will immediately prove road rage is a far more serious problem than motorists shooting at each other while in transit.

That said both these scumbags should be stripped of the CCW permits for a period of time and not be allowed to get them back without some serious, legitimate, anger management classes. Some will say they should never get them back and maybe they are right. But again we, as a society, continue to give drunks their drivers license back, and I'm about positive they kill more people a year than dueling motorists.
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