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First: they're both rectums.

There's a bunch of sphincter behavior on the part of both parties prior to the point where it really gets out of hand. And that, of course, is where Mr. Davis starts shooting.

So, the curious want to know: Does Mr. Davis have a CCW, or is he a casual citizen packing heat? That's not to say that normal peeps shouldn't carry under prescribed circumstances, but:

The greater public argument right now is: Should citizens be allowed to carry concealed in many venues? The difference between CCW and casual carry is not clear in the mind of the general publc, and stories such as this may confuse the issue.

Those who have been tested and screened should not be confused with the mass hoards who just plunk a gat in the console. And who need anger management training. And who (comment made without any prior knowldge of Mr. Davis' legal status) may be felons.
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