A Big Sigh Of Relief

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    I'm still without a car right now but it looks brighter on that front. My niece had to go in for some female surgury and she is doing better and My nephew called up this afternoon and told us he got hired for a fulltime job with more pay and benes then his old job and THIS one is permanent. So our Christmas is looking up. My sister has been on pins and needles over her daughter and family over all this and she can finally relax [her health isn't all that great either and the stress was getting to her].

    SO I will tell you all MERRY CHRISTMAS and if your having problems bow your head and ask for help and guidence cause the fellow upstairs will help you :D
  2. It's always nice to hear good news about someone's situation! Take care and I hope things keep improving.

  3. Good news. Hang in there.
  4. Ari

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    Man it sounds like you all have your hands full.

    Keep your head up. (If your a boxer) keep your chin tucked. I hope things keep looking up for you all...
  5. Glad to hear the good news .
  6. Shooter, I know things have been tough for you for a while. Even through all that you've had going on you've never once failed to give a good word or prayer to those in need here. I'm happy to hear YOUR good news; know that we're all still pullin' for you!

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    Thanks guys! Thru all the problems I have a support with friends, my bosses and my paster and church memberd also with family. Some folks don't have that even I'm just lucky on that. :D