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Discussion in 'General Firearms Discussion' started by SIArsenal, Sep 4, 2014.

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  2. What business has banned guns?

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    Chili's has not banned guns... I just ate there on Saturday and there are no "No Guns" signs. They have only 'requested' that customers do not openly carry firearms in their establishment.

    To my limited knowledge, there are only businesses that have 'requested' that their customers do not open carry in order to not alarm their customers, which is a reasonable request and in line with the rights of a property owner in my opinion. These requests came about because of the actions of some gun owners who made an issue out of it.

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    And then there is this . . .

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    Panera has joined the ranks of the "leave them at home" companies. I haven't seen the signs myself, but I was told the Panera Bread Café near my house has hung a sign stating that only LEO's are permitted to bring firearms on their property. Good thing I already thought Panera's was over-rated and over-priced.
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    Kroger's requires all customers to wear shirts, pants AND shoes.

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    My daughter-n-law was a mgr @ a PB for a while.
    Two times to eat there, once & NEVER again!!!
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    The corporation I work for had our head of security address the growing popularity of CCW and OC here by issuing no firearms signs, having us inform customers they can't carry in the banks, and implanting a no weapons policy for employees.

    Once the higher ups found out and heard a few complaints (including a lengthy conversations about the issue I had with our regional president and COO) we were told to remove the signs, encourage carry, and encouraged to carry as well.

    Our legal team issued a statement saying that even though we're a federally insured bank, we're still a private corporation and have the right to our own weapons policy.

    Give it time, eventually these " requests" will go away

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    Don't feel comfortable going to a particular store - just don't go there. Not rocket science.
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    I can not carry while at work. Duh it's a prison! Policy states that I am not supposed to have it in my vehicle which is locked in the parking lot. (Shhhhh!)

    Missouri is an open carry state, but any municipality may pass an ordinance which makes open carry illegal.

    Concealed carry is . . . . well it is!
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    im not an avid gun rights yahoo. But the biggest issue alot of places is just that it makes the average person uncomfortable, and disgruntled/uncomfortable customers spend less money.

    for every one person with this mindset theres 10 others saying "OMG MAH FREEDOMS" or the slightly more justfiable "they will be glad i had it if someone tries anything" (meanwhile stroking his gun boner). Especially on most public gun groups/forums.

    but the bottom line is, these are companies that rely on customers being happy with the service enough to come back. If a gun toting dingbat is scaring their source of income away they are well within their rights to try and address it in any way they see fit. I feel people are making big scenes about it because they are being told what not to do, regardless what it is or even if they did to begin with.

    just between you ive never felt threatened enough shopping at target to carry my 357 in there.
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    It even happens in Target. To each his own.
    Google "Target Armed Robbery", and you will get hits from PA, TX, NC, and Ca.
    I'll hang onto mine anytime I leave the residence where it is legal.
    I will also not view anyone any different if they choose to not carry. It's all personal choice.
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    Kansas has laws about this sort of thing. The only way for a business to legally keep guns out is to lock their doors forever. The only way to keep licensed concealed carry folks out is to post a sign in the exact form and location prescribed by law. If you ignore the sign, then you can be asked to leave and the incident becomes a trespassing issue.
  14. No body felt threatened enough to take a gun to aura Colorado movie theater before either.

    No one felt paranoid enough to scan mail for anthrax before it was sent in the mail either.

    No one ever worries about bombs in the mail, until apartment building get blown up.

    and my grandmother didn't feel scared enough to lock her doors until her neighbor was robbed.

    Your "threatened enough" scenario is possibly the worst excuse. Even SWAGA the resident gun grabbing liberal carries his CCW because he knows. You can't predict a mugging, You can't predict a car jacking. If you could the murder rate would be much lower.

    SWAGA: If you feel otherwise, feel free to remove my post, not trying to drag you into anything. and thanks for dealing with my constant nagging you hi jinx :)
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    For what it's worth, I understand what you're saying and agree - Folks who open carry rifles in Target and the like end up having the effect of scaring the folks who don't understand and fear guns, which leads the stores to the perfectly reasonable action of booting out the folks with the rifles.

    I don't agree with you when you say you don't need to carry in Target. Robberies happen everywhere, and by not carrying in Target, you're implying that you're not carrying on the way there, on the way back, or in the parking lot. A lot of robberies occur in parking lots, and folks have been known to come home to a home invasion in progress, as well as the occasional carjacking or road rage incident.

    As Kathy Jackson says (I paraphrase) "Carry all the time or guess lucky."
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    First of all 'they' need to know I'm carrying and it's not called 'concealed carry' for nothing.
    I don't flash a concealed carry badge either at the register.
    If they don't know they won't care.

    Second of all, it's not my job as a CCW permit holder to protect an entire store or business.
    I have it to protect me and mine.