A bullpup stock kit maybe?

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by Dane, Oct 21, 2016.

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    I'm going the obtuse route here. What are you (theoretically) gaining in this?

    I don't mean the "It's cool looking" argument since objective is personal to each and I've mod'd more guns just for the sake of cosmetics than I want to admit :laugh:

    But bullpups generally are used to make for a legally shorter firearm. Which these carbines are pretty close to being all by themselves.

    That and for making ok triggers really suck. I'm not sure what happens if you start with a bad trigger and then bullpup it. Cancer probably.

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  3. Well. Potential pros
    Better handling
    Doesnt need be SBR to be useful in urban quarters
    Looks different
    If bushing is actual real; can use high cap mags
    However I have got to wonder about the charging handle thing.....
    Cost is definite possible issue there.
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    They had to do something about the charging handle. Moving the breech block back to beside your face also moves the reciprocating charging handle to the same place. :eek:

    Their existing bullpup kits are going for $270 on their website.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    Nice looking design, as long as it has a solid feel to it, and not like a toy or a airsoft gun.
    I'm sure somebody will come up with an aftermarket extension for that top rail to extend the rail out front to a full Length rail.
  6. I don't see why it won't be possible to swap rail for the Long Shot full length rail on there.... EDIT: You'll still need the front block on the barrel, but it looks like its possible to mount it so that you have 20-21" of rail on top.
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    I wonder if it's a reciprocating bolt handle? I also wonder how they handle the buffer, that's one of the things that freaked out HP with the ATI stock.
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    I can't tell if the rail is molded into the stock itself or if it's a separate piece. If the rail is molded into the stock there's not much she can do with that.
  9. I keep thinking for the bolt handle to work out in the design, it needs to have a long rod on the side, and a hook handle out in the front.... there is space on the standard HP Carbine between top rail plane and the barrel that a charging handle could be located in a bullpup configuration.
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    The original HP design, the steel receiver cover added a necessary amount of structural support to a flimsy plastic stock .
    Yeah I'd be really interested in seeing the buffer system and the structural support in the design.
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    Read as:
    No matter how cool you make your Hi-Point look, it's still a H-P.
  12. Not sure how a bushing would allow for higher capacity magazines? What am I missing here?
  13. I'm not sure either, but it seems like the idea is basically to have a removable magazine well that has different interior profiles for double stack magazines, but the heart of the matter that I am more concerned with, would be the different feed lips on various magazines, and the bolt/slide compatibility. If there's a 1911 type slide that works with both single and double stack 1911 magazines, then that design would be best for a .45 version of the carbine...
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    best educated guess with the bushing is it is there for the factory single stack magazines to fit in the mag well without a huge amount of slop, and that they are removable if they manage to create an actual doublestack mag that works with the carbines. at least that's what I took away from the articles and description on their fb page
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    The Beretta CX4 storm has bushing things for different mags but not from single to doublke stack. I dont think that bull pup will ever use double stck mags. It would take a lot more than just a bigger mag well to make that work. But a 4595 made to take 1911 mags and drums would work.
    Even though a bull pup stock has to have a long trigger bar it does have the potential to have a better pull than the original HP carbine. It would not have to have the hinge point in the trigger on the bull pup but more of a straight pull like a 1911 has. As long as the longer trigger bar is designed to not rub a lot of places i can see that it could be an improvment over the stock trigger.
    As far as the buffer goes, looks to me like there is plenty of room for that. There is a way to fix the buffer much better on the ATI stock too. I will be doing that on mine soon.
    If these will be available for the 40 and 45 then i think they will be a big hit. I would like to know what the over all length is. Almost looks like the over all will be pushing the leagle min.
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    by the concept photos, they have one version that has the .40/.45 mags and another that has the .380/9mm mags. so I think they're planning on making stocks for all models, not just the 9mm like ATI did
  17. HT was teasing the pic on Facebook a few days ago asking what gun everyone thought the kit was for. I was the first to guess the HP carbines :D
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    From their Facebook post

    Hello everyone! All we can say is, "wow" and "thank you". The interest in this product has been explosive and we can't say thank you enough for all the awesome comments, questions, emails, calls, etc! We are so overwhelmed right now, we figured we'd answer some of the recurring questions we're seeing as we try to get back to everyone who is still waiting on an answer.

    1) Price? --- We are trying to make these as affordable as possible while delivering the same quality people have come to associate with HTA. Our target is to keep the price of the stock between $200-$300. This all depends on demand. The more we interest we generate, the more we know we can sell, the cheaper we can make them.

    2) How and when can I get one? --- Please visit our website (HighTowerArmory.com) and sign up for our email newsletter. You can do this by entering in your email in the bottom left corner of our site in the text box. We will email people in the order they signed up alerting them to the release of this product. Those of you who waited for our 90/22 release will know how this process worked. We won't accept any money early, sorry. We can hold your spot in line for free! We are hoping to release these in the first half of 2017 (or sooner).

    3) Will this fit 9/40/45? ---- Yes! All 3 will be available in Black, OD Green, and FDE (other colors/dips possible as well).

    4) Anything else? ---- More information will follow soon! Prototypes are being evaluated and any final changes will be made soon. Tooling to begin very soon as well. Any other questions can be asked here on Facebook, by phone or email! We'll answer as soon as we can!!

    5) Lefty friendly? Yes! We will ensure this is left hand friendly and ambidextrous!

    Lastly, this image shows the conversion without the knuckle guard for folks who prefer that, it is removable! If you all would prefer, we can just leave it off entirely as well. Let us know your thoughts and thank you all again!!! More to come- stay tuned!
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    I tear mine down to clean it. If you only clean the barrel and breech area, then the rest of it is......................


    Dirty guns don't go back into my safe. Not even dirty Hi Points.:cool: