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    Don’t know where this gent gets his info. Insider knowledge? Personal opinion? But here goes.

    Has the opportunity to chat with one of my LGS suppliers. He says we will begin to see some ammunition and reloading components begin to show up in January 2021. Not all components will be available until June 2021.

    As to the LGS itself? They are pretty well stocked with firearms and not having too much trouble ordering. And they reviewed a shipment of Primers. All magnum primers. Small Pistol, Large Pistol, and Large Rifle. Almost all the "common" cartridges are bought up. No 30-30, 308, 30-06, but cartridges like the 25-06 are in stock. Same with handgun ammo. No 38 spl, 357, 45 cap, 380acp etc, but there is 7.62 Tok on the shelf.

    One of the other customers at the LGS told how she paid $90 for a box of 9mm on line.
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    I hope he's very informed, this sounds way better than I have been hearing online. I have a couple friends who are wanting to start reloading. They asked me about it and I gave them the same advice I think they would hear here. Said to get what you can now and watch for the other items to become available in time. I'm pretty set for my needs, but it will be good to see things gradually become available again.
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    Damn. Had an LGS by us this past weekend. Most common calibers were gone, but there were 5-6 boxes of 9mm, at $50 per 50 for Aguila FMJ. There was 1 box of Gold Sabers.45ACP at $85 for 20. Parts and magazines were pretty much the same prices as usual.
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    My swag?
    We’re heading for 4 years of “Obama shortages”.
    Pretty much self inflicted like last time.
    Anytime somebody in the Biden cabinet farts the price of .22 will go up.
    Panic buying will reach a fever pitch around Jan/Feb and the rest of the year will be let’s get another 500 just in case.
    I’ll bet ya a dollar.
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    not to be too negative but i dont think we have seen just how high ammo prices will go. give it until after january into springtime. with the Corona madness and God forbid .....a Biden whitehouse , im bettin on prices doubling from what they are now . i talked to an employee at an alaska Wal mart today and he said the last 22Lr that store had recieved was 60 cases of Winchester 555 . and that was a month ago. it was gone in two days and they dont even have an estimate of when any more is coming. take it for what its worth. but when a major retailer cant get product . there are serious issues . yea.....i can see 1.50 a round 9mm and 5.56 goin for 2 bucks a round .
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  6. Rabidwookie

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    Yeah, it could very well end up like that, maybe even higher. Gonna get bad soon.
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    NE Utah
    If Biden did manage to steal the election, I’m sure SWAGA would be right.
    But I’m still hoping truth will win out, and stuff will be available.
    The problem is, they shut down the freaking economy. No one could produce ammo or components in large amounts, and until they get back to work...it ain’t gonna get better.
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    Now is definitely the time to hand load... if you have primers. Although, I can see the price of primers probably at least doubling after the supply chain resumes. Still cheaper than what commercial is going for though.
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    im hoping for truth also. at this point , the Rona hysteria is at least as big of a threat to our country as anything imo. alaskas governor is fixing to reinstate business closings from what i heard last nite . other states are getting draconian .....the economy wont survive . the level of stupidity over a virus that is hardly fatal to anyone at this point is mind blowing
  10. ajole

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    NE Utah
    But....if it saves only 1 person.....
  11. Like your spouse, your child, your grandchild...
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    your spouse, child or grandchild probably has a greater chance of dying in a car accident . hope they arent driving or riding in cars!
  13. cicpup

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    Speaking of which:

    Vermont 2020 Death Race (as of 11/24/2020)

    Covid - 19 = 59
    Highway accidents = 63
  14. Northslope

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    lock down ALL vehicles RIGHT NOW !!. if it saves only one life .....
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    Covid 903
    Vehicle 98
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    Pertaining to COVID-19... No matter how vehemently you deny the existence or significance of something, it has no effect on the actual reality of the situation. I accept that everyone is entitled their own opinions, but when you take every opportunity to belittle, denigrate, or cast those with an opposing viewpoint in an unflattering light, you’ve passed the point of carrying on a civil conversation, and are on the verge of becoming a zealot.
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    Even the Russian companies cannot get primers right now as they need.
    Better look deeper into that Primer shortage.
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    That comment is BS! I have a bad case of COPD. BUT, my wife has Stage 4 Lung Cancer!!!!! Been driving her for Cancer treatment for 5 years now to help keep her alive though. 120 miles round trip. But the U of Iowa has all the newer chemo infusions.
    Yesterday, she went through Cardio Surgery to remove a growing Tumor or what ever it is between her heart and left lung. Successfully I will add now. She had a great team of surgeons is why. She would have died in any of our local hospitals!!
    So, asshole, take your comments and stick them up your fucking ass!!
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    Well said.
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    *Admin Voice*

    Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely of course, we've seen a conversation about the availability of ammunition and reloading supplies turn to politics and now Covid.

    Knock that shit off or you're going to start losing threads left and right. We have plenty of politics, religion, and Covid threads in the Dark Rooms. Keep that stuff where it belongs.
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