A close call in the sand box

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  2. That IED must have been buried under the road for the driving surface to upheave like that...

    Here's another close call... NSFW due to language.


  3. Yeah looks to me like the IED was either buried to deep or was underpowed........that is a good thing for us also just so you all know shortly after this video was made the group of fools that placed the bomb were found and all but 1 of them were killed in a fire fight i will try to find the link ............no US personell were injured.
  4. Wild videos, thanks for posting them guys!
  5. That sniper video with the window mushrooming like that was unreal.
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    I concur on that. Buried too deep,or not enough HX. No matter, those idiots will and always try again..
  7. dude that IED was wild. The ground heaving up like that almost looked like slow motion.