A day out, a few broken things, and one messed up M&M

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    Today myself and my good friend went shooting. We had my 995, .17HMR, 10/22, his 30-06, and his Remington 870 shotgun and a giant yellow M&M guy.

    All went well for the most part, my 995 shot perfectly and the new charging handle from Bushman functioned easily and smoothly. I only managed to get about 100 rounds through it today as one of my mags busted. I was only 3 rounds into my first clip and the bottom cap just fell apart. No big deal, its under warranty, it just slowed down my shooting a lot having one mag and I didn't bother trying to get the other 400 or so rounds I wanted through it.

    I did however manage to get about 350 rounds through my new 10/22 I bought yesterday. It shot perfectly as well except for two rounds failed to fire. I honestly don't think it was the guns fault the ammo I was using was Federal Value Pack from Wal-Mart. It looked pretty rough and ended up being extremely dirty...but the 10/22 ate it up.

    The .17HMR didn't have any issues and shot well. I finally got it sighted into 100 yards and enjoyed taking out full soda cans.

    The only other issue for the day was my friends Remington 870, he was shooting a few high velocity loads in it and the stock ended up cracking pretty bad after one shot. The gun isn't new, but he was still a little ticked at the fact that the walnut stock broke like that.

    All in all it was a good outing aside from the two broken items. We managed to get about 500 rounds out in what ended up being a rather short trip due to the breakage. Surprisingly the giant M&M guy is still standing...it was a lot better built than we thought it was going to be.

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    Sorry, forgot to take the camera with me. Will try and remember to next time.
  4. Hey, Fox and I posted pictures of us capping Sponge Bob.... Annoying little M&M gets it and theres NO VIDEO!? The NERVE... :p

    Sucks having mechanical failures on the range, been there done that. At least you got to sight in your .22. Sounds like you had a good time in spite of it all.