A decent carry or not?

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  1. I'm going for my CPL soon.I want to carry this Rossi revolver.I don't need comments on price and trust of low end handguns.Its what I can afford,for now.The JHP and 4595TS are my home defense.
    This one will go with me all the time,mostly at night when running errands for whatever reason,alone in the big city between stops. Just visiting family and freinds,shopping ,etc.
    The reviews are positive on the Rossi.The only one close to it is the EAA from Germany.Almost impossible to get the 4" from EAA.
    I'd just like some advice.

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    Never fired that one, but have fired a friend's Rossi Citcuit Judge, and can say i would rather take my chances unarmed.
    It ran filthy, and he had and still has issues with the cylinder hanging up, even after sending it back to the factory once.

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  4. Rossi don't name their handguns.Taurus does.The parent Company. Come on Talon,I trust your judgement. What does 'filthy' mean ?
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    I've yet have to buy a gun new.
    Waste of money in my book.
    Anyway, I thought EAA made 2-3-4 inch barrels?
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    As for naming, guess the box, paperwork and rossi website must all be wrong then because they clearly say "Rossi Circuit Judge". ;) whether the parent company did the naming or not is irrelevant, its named and labeled Rossi.

    As for filthy, i mean excessive carbon after only a few rounds. Enough that the cylinder would actually get a gritty feel after only a few times being fired and its spinning would be affected.

    I understand this model isnt a handgun, but its still a Rossi revolver. And it still worked questionable at best whenit worked. Based on experience with it, i would NOT buy a rossi revolver of any kind.

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    I have an older Rossi revolver. From back in the Interarms days. I would not hesitate at all in carrying it. It's been a good one.
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    Right...unless you happen to buy a used gun that has problems like cylinders binding or internal issues on a semi automatic that won't be fixed (cheaply anyways) if the gun isn't still under warranty.

    I prefer new guns because at least you will know it doesn't have issues you can't see during a basic inspection.

    I like Rossi revolvers and personally would buy another. If you have an Academy Sports nearby, it is worth mentioning that they will ship back guns with lifetime warranties for you should you have problems.
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    What what is your question then?

    Peace favor your sword,
  10. My only comment would be. That looks touch to CC. BIG and heavy.
    Just go to an LGS and see if they will let you try out some used revolvers in a holster to see how they feel for you.

    Usually CCW revolvers are "ultra light" which Taurus and charter both make few affordable options there.
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    Find a RIA 38, better gun well made, low price.
  12. Are you hard set on the 4" barrel? I would be for a 4+ in a HD or Range gun. It is to big for me to CCW.

    I would pick a 2" for that. or go with a small slim semi-auto
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    it does look huge and heavy for a carry gun when lighter better alternatives exist.

    If you owned it already i'd say get a good holster and drive on but since your buying the entire kit gun holster etc there are better choices at a similar price point.

    my local shop has tauras tcp on sale for $169 drop that in a $12 pocket holster and go. Sccy usually sells 9mm around the $250 mark they ome with 2 magazines and a lifetime warranty.
  14. My wife has a Rossi 352 that she bought 15 years ago, it has never failed to function, is accurate for a 2 inch, and locks up tight. Maybe she got lucky.

    She does not carry it much anymore, I usually do as a backup. It is loaded with Bayou Bullet 138 grain coated wadcutter at 900 fps.

    Taurus owns Rossi, but I don't know if the arms are made in the same plants. I have heard complaints about both, but mostly Taurus. But then I hear people urinate, and moan about Hi Points.
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    Are you set on a revolver? Because if you don't there are many different options out there. Easier to conceal and for a good price. What is your budget and caliber options?
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    I have a 3" Taurus 85, bought new for 300 bucks brand new 2 yrs ago for the missus.
    I carry it more than she does.
    If you are set on a revolver, consider a 3". Conceals as easily as a 2", (for me ), better sight plane, better energy.
    Rossi? If that's what you can afford, why not?
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    I've owned a Taurus Model 85 SS .38 Special with a 3" barrel since 1984 and have had Zero problems with it.

    I pocket carry it or my Charter Arms Off Duty .38 Special, depending on mood.

    A friend of mine bought the Rossi .357 Magnum with 6" ribbed barrel in 1995 and carries it in a shoulder holster daily.

    He's 6', 4" tall and hasn't had any problems unlimbering it when he has need to.

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  19. Thanks for the suggestions and sorry for late reply.Been a busy few days around home and work.I'm set on a revolver,just like the way wheel guns look and this will be my last firearm purchase until next year or later.Just bought the JHP recently,haven't had time to even fire it much.I time to be exact.I'm going to consider a 2" or 3" Tauris or Rossi.Wife and other considerations limit me at $350.00 out the door,ilncluding tax & transfer fee.$80 for required gun safety course and $100 for actual 5 yr CPL permit fee.So around $600 is my limit.
    To be honest,I've never felt I needed to carry but I'm getting older by the day and obtaining a CPL is more or less a 'bucket list' thing that I want to accomplish before it's too late.Let alone the current state of affairs in the country. You never know what may happen politically from one day to the next.Its a scary World out there right now.I just want to be responsibly prepared.
    Thanks again everybody.