A few 995 questions.

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  1. Dude

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    Hey can you guys help me out, im really a n00b when it comes to this stuff.

    So i got my 995 and it came with the muzzle break, a red dot scope, and the hi-point laser. I noticed the laser dosent stay on unless you hold the button, which im not to thrilled about but my question is...

    can i use that laser with the ATI stock, if i just get their laser mount, will it still fit?

    i also want to get these rails

    and this front grip

    and then use the extra rail for a tac light, anyone have an recomendations for a tac light and will i be able to use that grip and such, i dont wanna buy all this stuff and then dont have it work.

    the final thing on my list is a charging handle from Buschman, casue i have fat fingers.... :D

    and from reading here i think i should stay away from the 15 round mags, espically with the ATI stock right?

    any help is appreciated guys thanks.
  2. wd6bgn

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    The laser is suppoesd to be pressure switch controled. It has little itty bitty batteries and will only last a couple of hours of on time. So you really don't want to leave it on.

  3. ...and, any time you're not actually siting with it, its sitting there telling everyone within 10 miles, "HERE I AM".

    good on your for your new gun and all the toys. You're gonna love it when it's all done and ready to pose. BTW............ pictures, we love pictures!
  4. Dude

    Dude Guest

    but will the ATI laser mount accept it? or do i need to buy a whole new laser
  5. Pumpgunner870

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    I added the Beretta CX4 tri rail mount on the front of my ATI stock and use the vertical foregrip in the setup you are interested in.

    I went with this light:

    I have a foregrip similar to the one you linked to and it works just fine.

    It was a good price, came with the mount, aluminum construction, and had the rear momentary switch. Very bright light and runs off of standard CR123a batteries. Any quality light will work, I do perfer the momentary switch though.

    I added it to the left side rail and it is easy to grab the vertical foregrip with your fingers and operate the rear momentary switch with your thumb. I do keep my 995 as a home defense carbine along side my short barreled 870 and a weapon light is something I require on something I use for this purpose.

    Main reason I like the momentary type switches is as Newskate mentioned, with it on everyone will know where you are at. The switch allows you to light up what you need and quickly get the light back off if required. With the vertical foregrip it puts your thumb in a natural position to operate the switch.

    Light setup:

    As to lasers, i'm not a real fan of them on long arms. I have one on my HD 870, more for the wife though so she can just point and shoot. I would much rather have a good red-dot/holo sight on a long arm type of weapon along with a good light. They are another tool and fun at the range.
  6. The laser just isnt any good at any range of more than a few yards in average lighting conditions. The red dot will get you on target just as fast if not faster day or night unless you are shooting at under 10 yds IMO

    I do not own a ATI stock so I am not sure if the laser you have will fit it or not, sorry.
  7. Dude

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    that is one nice looking 995, im hoping to have mine look something similar to that