a few of my black collection

Discussion in 'Gun Gallery' started by Krippp, Jan 18, 2008.

  1. Krippp

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    a few of mine and my wifes in black, except the c9 which has the polished stripe on the slide and the OD hogue.
  2. elguapo

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    That is a good start!

  3. looks like a man with a plan to me , :wink:
  4. How accurate is that Mossberg 22 rifle. It looks like it compliments the Hi-Point carbine nicely.

  5. Nice collection there........ I want to get a silver stripe on mine in the worst way, but am afraid I'll screw it up.
  6. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    suprisingly very accurate, even with the cheap Daisy scope on it and it has been very reliable, all my kids love it and I must say I find it a hoot to shoot
  7. Krippp

    Krippp Well-Known Member

    the stripe was a breeze to do, a few fine sanding wheels on the dremel and some dremel polishing after that. tried some cheap clear coat but it came off after the first cleaning but it has never tarnished after that and it's been a few months since i did it