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A fun day with my grandaughter.

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My fishing buddy was my Dad. He has been gone 4 years now and I have not been fishing since he passed.

I vowed to get back into fishing and I did so today. And I took my hopefully new fishing buddy. My Grandaughter. Bought her a Disney Princess fishing rod and reel and a Frozen tackle box and we set out for bluegill. She caught her first fish today.

I think I have a new fishing buddy. I miss my Dad, but I know he was watching today and grinning ear to ear as she caught her first fish. And then some more when she gave it a kiss and threw it back into the water!

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Start them young and they have a hobby that feeds them for life! I remember taking my nieces and nephews out in the boat their first time. I took it slow and easy for most of them, my nephew Kyle was a speed freak and always wanted faster faster LOL he went on to join the air force, flew for awhile then they moved him into linguistics because he can pick up a language super easy and mimic the accents perfectly. He wasn't the greatest pilot... to much of a screwball... he has been in AK doing translation stuff, made a few trips into Russia(he speaks it like a native)... he can't really tell us what he does as a job...
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