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A fun day with my grandaughter.

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My fishing buddy was my Dad. He has been gone 4 years now and I have not been fishing since he passed.

I vowed to get back into fishing and I did so today. And I took my hopefully new fishing buddy. My Grandaughter. Bought her a Disney Princess fishing rod and reel and a Frozen tackle box and we set out for bluegill. She caught her first fish today.

I think I have a new fishing buddy. I miss my Dad, but I know he was watching today and grinning ear to ear as she caught her first fish. And then some more when she gave it a kiss and threw it back into the water!

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Tell the truth Great grandad. That's not your grand daughter!
How do you figure?

Daughter passed away. I adopted my grand kids. Grand kid became my daughter and a mother. So on paper I guess she is my granddaughter, but biologically, she is my great granddaughter.

Me? I’m Pappy. Pap as the kids age.

Kind of funny, but if you ask for me by name around the settlement, most people don’t know who Greg is. But everybody knows who Pappy is. And the older folk know Pappy used to be Gomer. Since I left home at 18 and joined the Corps, my given name has been rarely used except in more formal situations.
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