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Me and the C9 just got back from our 3rd trip to the range together. The little Beretta 21A came along for the ride as well.

I started out with the Beretta since I had more concerns with failure to fully eject and failure to propery feed. Now that I've switched to CCI mini mags (solid point) and found one grease point I hadn't really thought of before it functioned flawlessly. Accuracy was even at a high for me 7 yards all fit under my palm, no flyaways.

But of course thats not what you want to hear, you want to hear how the C9 did on it's next 100 rds (was at 200 on the gun when I got there).

Well I'm not going to say yet so keep reading or skim down.

It was a beautiful day, mid 70's with a light breeze, the range has 20 booths and they were all full by the time I got the C9 out.

Guy's on either side of me were Vietnam vets, one did 2 tours...found this out as we were shooting the breeze waiting for people to get their targets set up..nice guys. One was getting his 30/30 lever ready for deer season, he finnally decided his tired eyes need a scope.

The other had a hi point carbine 9mm a C9 and a old S&W 38, he hadn't shot either of the hi-points before. I hadn't seen the Carbine in action so I was a bit excited to see it.

Anyway they called the range as hot and I loaded up the C9. I had 2 mags already loaded and loaded up the 3rd (this mag has been kept unloaded at the house...the other two loaded).

First 2 mags go flawlessly, put in the third shot it slide locked open and I was smiling....until I checked the chamber and saw that the last round had failed to feed and was holding the slide back.

Well there it was :roll:

Knew it would happen sooner or later

Dropped the mag, pulled back the slide to try to let the round drop out of the magwell...but it wasn't having that, so tilted the gun pulling back on the slide and it came out.

I loaded that last round back into the mag after glaring at it for a second chambered and shot fine.

Cease fire called

Looked over and noticed something I had never seen at this range before...a police officer was checking in, and setting up 2 lanes over.

Now many of you might thing nothing odd about that, however there is a range for police officers less than a mile away it's free for them, this one is a state park at $3 per hour. Now I know 3 bucks isn't alot, but generally it's kept police from comming before. I've been going to this range for years with rifles, never saw a cop there before.

At any rate I've got nothing much against cops, I respect the job they do and all that good stuff.

However...(hehe) he was obviously in "cop mode", chest stuck out, shoulders back, fresh buzz cut, slight glare on his face. None of my business but it seemed a bit much, everyone else was relaxed, the rules are very strict. He was maybe 25 or so (I'll just say I have at least 10 years on him and leave it at that).

Set up my new target again at 7 yards. The cop moved his out to 15, the guy next to me with the carbine and C9 moved his out to 15.

Cop set up 2 targets side by side (makes 4 circles)...which you really aren't allowed to do here because if your off a bit you'll be shooting the legs of the stand up pretty good.

Seemed odd he didn't notice everyone else had thier targets set up a certian way....you know the way they have a big picture of in EVERY stall or how you are supposed to do it.

At any rate, 3 more clips for me...first one did not want to feed, slide needed a second pull...and a bit of a push...concerned me and then I realized the safety wasn't completely off. That was the last of my problems for the day.

Grouping was pretty darn good for me I was keeping them in the circles pretty well and thinking I would save this target and take it home....don't get me wrong it wasn't impressive, just looked like reasonable shooting...everything was pretty near its place

...until that last shot which was a high right flyaway ....telling me I got cocky and jerked the trigger

Oh well still pretty pleased.

I reload and wait for the next cease fire but in the meantime I want to see how the cop is doing...yep I'm a bit nosey...in my defense I've never actually seen a cop shoot before...so ya know.

I now had answers to both my questions
1. why not go to the cop range?
2 why so much paper on the stand?

Turns out to be a very simple answer....he sucked

I don't mean to be rude and the only person I would tell they sucked is my brother..and hey thats what brothers do.

This place does not allow rapid fire, they don't allow you to draw and shoot so every shot is pretty much an "aimed" shot.

There were alot of holes in his targets, but it was impossible to tell what he was aiming for, only 2 of the circles had holes in them and they looked more like luck than anything planned.

Naturally I said nothing but decided to move my target out to 15 yards as well....then I noticed he had moved his back to 7 yards, and the look on his face certianly wasn't getting any friendlier....I know he saw my target and the target of the guy next to me using his hi- point C9 standing at 15 yards and keeping it all in the circle.

Got back to the firing line

Thought to myself wow thing really do look different at this range, maybe that cop wasn't so bad, that circle is looking alot smaller espically through the sights.

Well I did ok, not great. 7 out of 8 were in the circle but pretty spread out, the 8th was ridiclously far by my thinking....but it was apparent I had done much better than the officer

The guy next to me switched to his Hi-point carbine and was really putting them right into the bullseye standing up....this was 1 tour in vietnam guy.

The cop now at seven yards was still having obvious problems and it was obvious people were starting to notice a bit.

Cease fire called

Cop had a damn mean look on his face now and had his stuff packed up ready to go.

Well the vet with the hi-point apparently couldn't resist and said to the officer very nicely and very clamly "Sir, if you're gonna shoot that bad the next time you come, you might not want to wear the uniform"

Place went dead silent

I swear for a second that cop was going to punch the guy in the face.

But he didn't he just looked down said he was still in the academy and was having trouble with the pistol and wanted to come here and try to get away from inspectors eyes where he could shoot relaxed (which he wasn't)

Right away the attatude toward him changed, he looked a bit humbled, and people started offering advice. Turns out the vet was an NRA certified instructor and offered to help him on the next round which the hopefully soon to be officer accepted.

My time had run up as there was a line so I packed up and got out of the booth but watched from a distance to see how it was going with the officer.

I couldn't see his target but he looked more relaxed and came back from downrange smiling

I had my jam, met 2 cool vets, watched a cop change his tune for the better, saw the carbine in action, found out the deer hunter also had a hi- point C9 at home and said I shot better than he could, saw 3 other people with Hi- points

Yep a good day at the range

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why would he have a uniform if he still was in the academy? we didnt get our uniform and badge till graduation day. ive seen officers just barely pass by on their shooting skills. lack of practice. free range time, free ammo, and targets. what else do they want.

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Some academy students are already reserve officers I have several students who went that route when they graduated as the state wasn't holding academy's for a few years to save a buck.
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