A good day fro Two 995TS

Discussion in 'Hi-Point Carbines' started by OldOutlaw, Jul 17, 2014.

  1. OldOutlaw

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    Bought two of these early this year for wife and self. We have only shot them a bit until today. Been using Winchester White Box. But today, I took several brands I use in XD and Ruger pistols.

    Brassmax 115 gr. FMJ
    S&B 115 gr. FMJ
    PMC 115 gr. FMJ
    Remingtom UMC 115 gr. FMJ
    Hornady Critical Duty Law Enforcement 135 gr. Plastic tip.
    And the newest member, Wartak 124 gr. FMJ

    Standing unsupported positions. Standard sights. Range of 25 yards only today.
    Well, the first four are what you would expect for cheap target ammo.
    But that Hornady load is what we both keep loaded at home for defensive
    possibilities. Same as in our pistols. First time in a 995TS, but it was sooo superior to the first four. Nothing wider than a 2" group. No flyers even.

    Then the cheapest of all. Wartac. That 124 gr. bullet has almost a spire point to it. Feeds really well. And we can tell you it has some pop to it when fired. It actually activated the recoil system a bit for us on each and every round. From standing it was a 2" and sometimes less group. Then I fired from a supported position. Two 5 round groups. One was a 1 1/2' group and the second was a 1" group. After 50 rounds down the tube for me and another 25 for the wife with her carbine we were very impressed. The Wartak was equal to the Hornady LE and just automatically closed up the groups compared to the first four cheapo ammo. But, the cheapo costs more than my Wartak.

    Wartak is a private label sold by a dealer in LV, NV. It is made by the Luhansk Arsenal in the Ukraine. Same place the Red Army 9mm Makarov is.
    And the MAK turned out to be Military Grade ammo by tests on Gun Boards.
    This stuff appears to be also. I have had this Wartak for at least 6 months and figured they were sold out. Nope. Ordered two more cases tonight. Always like to have lots of cases of 9mm in stock. Case is Luhansk standard 750 rounds.
    Darned good price at $9.97 per box of 50. Or, $148.95 per 750. Seems very few people know about this stuff. http://lvammo.com/index.php/pistol-ammo.html
  2. bullwinkle

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    So the 995TS digests steel cased ammo well?

  3. OldOutlaw

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    These two did. But this ammo does not have any heavy lacquer finish either.
    Must be a polymer of some type. They look and feel really dry. But some kind of coating is on the steel. Not a heavy polymer like 7.62X39 often has either. I like it.
  4. Geezer

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    Mine likes the steel case Wolf ammo. Actually, I haven't found any ammo that won't work in it.
  5. Dagwood

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    Ditto that! both my 995ts and my 4595ts eat up and spit out anything I feed em. These carbines are amazing!!
  6. Asturcon

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    My 995ts eat Tulammo steel cased very well.
  7. Kronos

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    Is that Hornady plastic tip stuff like / similar to Glaser Pow'RBall?

    And you said "activated the recoil system" concerning the Wartak ammo. Im assuming you mean compressing the springs in the butt plate on the stock? If for some reason the carbine has too much recoil for your wife, which i doubt, i can tell you how to make that "recoil system" work better and absorb the recoil better if interested. Just send me a message regarding that if you are.

    Curious about this Wartak stuff. Gonna have to check it out. Thanks for the range report.