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    Not sure if it is just me who would be interested.......and yeah I know google is our friend. But many times I look up parts to my gun, and the explanations of what they actually do, or how changing them effects everything are less clear than what I didnt understand to begin with.

    I have learned a few things being here which has allowed me to take my c9 apart and mess with it, and actually transferred to me changing the springs for lightening the trigger on my S&W

    A thread maybe having some of the more knowledgeable people describe a certain section and what it does would be kinda nice.

  2. sdbrit68

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    Great articles, and I used them. But I was thinking more, as an example.........

    ANother member mentioned replacing the guide rod on another gun. So I looked it up and it started talking about heavier weights. Then it mentioned heavier weights for heavier loads. Of course people jumped in with its just marketing for money blah blah blah.

    Well, what effect does this have on the gun, does it decrease recoil, add recoil, make it harder to rack a round.

    My ole lady has hand issues, would putting a lighter guide rod help her in this area......how does it effect the overall performance.

    I just did the spring kit, 3 springs in my S&W, now the overall function is that it goes from 8lb pull to 5.5 supposedly ( I cant tell much honestly), but, why do I need to replace all 3, what does the change do individually, what would happen if I changed one, but not the one by the sear.

    Honestly, I cant find understandable explanations to these, and I am a person that realy wants to understand, not just go to the range and shoot, and I dont mind saying I dont know, since, someone else probably does and listening helps me not put a round in m knee
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    I have just placed a downloadable PDF, formatted for printing, of ThompsonCustom's C9 Trigger Job HOWTO in the Premium Member's section (in the Darkrooms), as a perk for becoming a Premium Member. It's the same HOWTO, just saves you the trouble of trying to format the OP yourself, throwing away a bunch of pages, or having images half on one page and half on another.

    Peace favor your sword,
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    I've swapped two plastic guide rods for metal ones. A Beretta M9 and a GSG 1911. The only thing it changed was my peace of mind.